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10 Amazing Tech Innovations You May See In your Future Smartphones

The use of technology is growing with each passing day. The constant evolution is bringing lots of ease and comfort into our lives. Take the example of smartphones. They have replaced so many of our gadgets of daily use. We don’t need calendars, wristwatches, alarm clocks, planners, or cameras anymore. It is like carrying a mini-computer in your pocket. 

From flexible screens to retina scanning, what other tech innovations can we expect to see in our future smartphones? Let’s discover together

Everyone is addicted to using their smartphones all day – most of my internet data is spent surfing the internet on my smartphone. We no more use our phones just for calling purposes. The smartphones are eliminating and replacing many other technological device needs.

What more tech innovations to expect in the near future? Let’s have a look!   

Dual Camera Recording

The most awaited innovation is the dual recording feature in our smartphones. You will be able to record videos using both front and back cameras simultaneously. Many smartphone companies have hinted to start working on this one. Hopefully, we will be able to see the results soon enough.  

Flexible Smartphone Screens

This has been the most talked-about innovation for almost a decade now. Although we all love looking at our smartphone screens all the time, a little more flexible screens won’t hurt. The basic reason for this demand is the fact that flexible screens are less prone to damage. 

Contextual Smart Intelligence

It is about time that our smartphones start living up to their names. It is expected to see smartphones making decisions on your behalf in the upcoming years. Your smartphones will make decisions based on smart surrounding data accumulation using various sensors.  

Retina Scanners

I don’t know about you, but I’m done with my smartphone’s flimsy unlock home button. Even with the fingerprint scanning sensor, it fails to be quick enough sometimes. Thankfully, retina scanning technology is going to replace it soon. It would be soon possible to scan your iris to unlock your smartphone. It is going to be so much more awesome than the fingerprint scanning technology and safer too.  

Unlimited Storage

What if you get up one day and know that your smartphone has unlimited storage capacity? Cool, huh? To enable all smartphones of this technology, cloud technology is going to be used. You can store your photos, videos, documents, as well as share everything via the cloud. Smartphone owners will have about 100GB storage space at their disposal and will be able to save and share files using the LTE network or a Wi-Fi connection.  

Better GPS Services

Do you get lost pretty easily? If yes, then there is going to be an advancement just for you. There are going to be GPS systems accurate down to meters. This is going to revolutionize all the location-based businesses and services. 

Also, searching for any location would become so much better because of 3D environment technology. You will be able to see the place even before you reach there and would be able to identify nearby landmarks too. 

It’s a well-known fact that cell phone batteries pass on quick (and now and again even under the least favorable conditions conceivable minute). Scientists have since quite a while ago perceived the issue and have been endeavoring to give us ground-breaking batteries with more charge cycles and longer-enduring battery life. All things considered, you spent hundreds if not thousands on those cell phones – better power the executives are in every case uplifting news to control clients. 

Transforming Touchscreens

Shortly, smartphones will be able to transform any flat surface into a touchscreen by using an integrated laser. You will be able to transform your walls into cinema screens just by using your smartphones. You will also be able to play the piano on table surfaces, play games, and what not? The options are endless. We can’t wait!  

Improved Wireless Charging

Yes, we, too, know that this technology already exists for your smartphone, but is it efficient enough? Probably no. You can definitely expect an improved version of it too. It is a possibility to have wireless charging pods, with no need whatsoever for the tangled wires anywhere for charging our smartphones. The whole concept of electromagnetic induction is going to change.  

Improved Battery Life 

Imagine never having to charge your phone. Awesome, no? With the advancements in nuclear technology, it is predicted that batteries that last for a lifetime would be a possibility. At the least, we will be able to see batteries that can last for weeks without being charged. Just keep yourself updated on lithium-ion and hydrogen cell innovation technology advancements. 

The best thing about lithium-ion batteries is that they charge up in minutes, and are powerful enough to jump-start a car even!

Remote Charging 

On the off chance that not longer-enduring batteries, at that point, we would acknowledge simpler charging strategies. For what reason would we say we are as yet accusing cell phones of links when remote charging is accessible and actualized on telephones, for example, Nokia Lumia 920 and LG Nexus 4? 

 Smartphones That Cannot Be Hacked

Here, we are not talking about wishes, but about predicted tech advancements. We have access to water-proof and crack-proof smartphones and can look forward to having unshakable smartphones soon. That really makes me happy. Because whenever I’m shopping online I constantly stress over giving out my credit card details.

Unbreakable Phones 

On the off chance that you have ever dropped a telephone, you realize the amount it really stings. Dread not, Nokia is attempting to use a material called graphene, (charged as the world’s most grounded material – multiple times more grounded than treated steel) in order to have an achievement in current processing conditions. 

More grounded Screens 

More grounded telephones need more grounded screens since we’d obviously like all pieces of the telephone to be unblemished after an awful fall. The uplifting news is cell phones of things to come may accompany more grounded screens that are made of materials like sapphire. 

Apple may have presented the utilization of sapphire in their Touch ID unique mark scanner cut home catch in their iPhone 5s, yet did you know there might be plans to utilize sapphire for screens also — perhaps in the iPhone 6? 

Paper Tab 

The iPod small scale might be as slight as a pencil, yet what is the most slender a tablet can get? Paper Tab engineers state paper slender. It would appear that a bit of paper and curves like one as well, yet it is fueled by an Intel processor and has a touchscreen show. The move of substance is likewise as simple as contacting one Paper Tab to the following. 

Albeit exceptionally slender, regardless, it sports a 10.7-inch screen, so you don’t endure any lost in screen space. Specialists are right now taking a shot at extreme prizing this progressive innovation to make it accessible economically. Flip telephones may have been a relic of times gone by, yet one day, we may have the option to overlay our tablets and cell phones, similar to we would paper. 

Voice Control 

Point of fact, contact screens will just demonstrate to be progressively basic in cell phones. 

In the up and coming decade, cell phone clients will find progressively natural voice controls with the capacity to deal with all gadget directions noting a call, any data demands, closing ringer on and off, music playback, and application booting. 

Foldable telephones 

They will be stout, and they will be costly, yet foldable telephones are certainly coming sooner or later during 2019. 

We may consider something to be ahead of schedule as CES 2019 in January, however, be set up for these telephones to be unreasonably costly for most. Why trouble at all at that point? All things considered, the principle favorable position of the innovation is the conspicuous one – an enormous screen, tablet-style experience when the gadget is opened out; however, a little more pocket-accommodating telephone structure factor when required.

 Is there any tech innovation that you are looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!