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10 Best Sites for Free Stock Images

In the age of creativity and design, beautifully clicked photos are an integral part of making posters and banners look more attractive and aesthetic. Stock Images – Does this term bring back any memories of surfing the Internet to find the perfect photo – only to find out that it had a watermark on it?

Thanks to Free Stock Image websites, finding unique, aesthetic, and watermark-free images is a piece of cake today.

Before using images from free photo sites, you should check out the site’s license details and terms and conditions. It can be risky to use an image from a free stock photo website for commercial purposes. If you are looking for fully licensed pictures, there are various places to buy licensed stock images at affordable prices.

Mentioned below are ten websites that offer fantastic quality free stock images along with easy downloads. 

Let’s dive right in

  1. Unsplash

Founded in 2013, Unsplash is one of the most popular websites dedicated to free stock photography. It includes a collection of different categories of beautiful photos contributed by professional and skilled photographers.

The collection of images is around 300,000, so the chances are that people can find what they are looking for most of the time. Moreover, Unsplash has a search tool that helps conduct image searches quickly. It also includes photos divided into different themes.

You can find high-quality photos in any category, including petscomputers, cars, and whatnot.  

  1. Pixabay

Pixabay is famous amongst users for having the most extensive and most significant collection of free stock photos. It is limited to free images and offers attractive illustrations, vector graphics, and even captivating videos.

It is particularly well-known for providing the best landscape photos. Unlike Unsplash, Pixabay delivers more variety and options for bloggers and content creators. Pexels offers a vast collection of high-quality photographs. The only downside is that you will come across quite a few mediocre-quality images.

  1. Pexels

Now how can one forget about Pexels when listing down the best sites for free images. Pexels is a website for free stock images that welcomes everyone to upload their photos. It offers an excellent choice of pictures for web designers who are looking for striking and fine-quality shots.

 It includes site curators who pick out the best images before uploading them for the public. The exciting part is that this site also has a section allocated to outstanding space photography.

4.     Burst

Burst, by Shopify, is another famous site for free stock images that includes thousands of high-quality and detailed photos that are free from watermark and royalty. One of the main reasons behind the launch of Burst was to help out and encourage entrepreneurs to work on better designing and detailing.

Multiple photographers from the community click and upload appealing photos every day. There are numerous photo categories available to choose from, such as mental health, fashion, and nature.


  1. Adobe Stock Free Collection

Adobe, a famous computer software company, provided over 70,000 stock-free photos, videos, and illustrations in 2020. It also includes free access to templates best suited for creative purposes or personal and professional reasons.

The quality of photos uploaded is excellent and detailed as it should be – Adobe has to live up to its name and people’s expectations. Photographers who contribute originally captured images to the platform receive payment for their services.


  1. Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics is a platform for free stock images that started in 2014. It is one of the most popular sources for downloading images for lifestyle, bloggers, and interior design.

 The vision behind Kaboom Pics was for people to find the perfect photo that lived up to their expectations. The platform also offers various high-quality and aesthetic images of architecture, fashion, food, and landscapes.


  1. Reshot

If there are any emerging or struggling photographers out there who need a little push or motivation, then Reshot is the platform for them. Unlike other free stock image-providing platforms, Reshot aimed to work as a community with a mission focused on more than one thing.

 It is a platform where emerging photographers upload high-quality and detailed shots for free, so people looking for photos can use them without worry. The photo collection on Reshot is carefully curated, is stunning, and appealing to the masses.


  1. Gratisography

Like the name, Gratisography is a free stock image platform for looking for something quirky or unusual. Founded by the talented and accomplished photographer and graphic designer Ryan McGuire, the collection of photos is just perfect.

 New pictures make their way to the site every week and are appreciated by people who have a creative eye and attraction towards the surreal edge. The website includes several unique categories: funky food, amusing animals, goofy grownups, and virtual backgrounds.


  1. Pikwizard

Pikwizard is an excellent resource if one wants photos that are across a broad range of subjects. It is the most recommended place for finding breathtaking cityscapes and urban photography.

It also offers more pictures in other categories, and the quality of photos is awe-inspiring. The Pikwizard collection includes several natural-looking poses of people and allows editing of the photos online.


  1. Negative Space

Like Reshot, Negative Space is also highly appreciated for providing a platform and space to newbie and amateur photographers.


Its headquarters in London primarily receives photo contributions from the UK and features most of Britain. The website is updated regularly and is worth visiting from time to time. The new contributions are always unique and lovely to take a look at.



Final Thoughts

Thanks to the Internet and the people who love to capture photos, free stock image sites are indeed a blessing in disguise. One doesn’t need to worry anymore about taking the perfect shots as the Internet already has these fantastic resources.

These sites are no less than lifesavers for bloggers, content creators, marketers, and developers. There is no need to depend on low-quality photos anymore!


Photo by Designecologist from Pexels