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10 concealed tricks to get the most from Facebook Messenger app

10 concealed tricks to get the most from Facebook Messenger appfacebook messenger app


On Thursday, Facebook declared there are more than 800 million monthly active users on Messenger. While we can suppose they’re all at least chatting with each other, there is a lot more you can do beyond instant messaging in the program.

During the last year, Facebook Messenger app has revealed it wants to be a one-stop shop for many of your cellular needs — from sending to requesting an Uber GIFs. With all these upgrades, you may have missed a number of the app’s best new features.

We have rounded up 10 of our favourite hidden tricks which will help you get the most out of Messenger from paying friends to customizing your message threads.


1. There’s a standalone website for Messenger

The two different sites make more sense unlike having two distinct cellular apps. For instance, you can keep chatting with your friends without the distraction of your news feed at work. The interface is minimal and clean — similar to the program but enlarged. For each conversation, there is a sidebar where you get a call or video chat can mute tellings for that man and see pictures you’ve shared with each other.

2. You do not need Facebook to use Messenger

Anyone with a phone number can access Messenger and its own characteristics, even if you don’t have a Facebook account. All you need to do is download the app, and also you can select “Not on Facebook?” You can sign up from there.

3. Request an Uber

From within a conversation, select the “More” icon indicated by three small dots and wiretap “Transportation.” It’s possible for you to log in and request an Uber from there. Like the Uber app, you’ll notify buddies receive updates in your driver’s standing, monitor the ride and pay for it.

4. Immobilize a group dialogue for simple access
You can immobilize the dialog so that you do not have to scroll through to find it should you chat with the same group of individuals all of the time. By tapping on the camera button, you can even add a photo as the group avatar.

5. Mute tellings
By soliciting on the name near the top of the message it’s possible for you to silence particular dialogs. In the drop-down tap on Notifications display of choices and choose the amount of time you want to muffle it — 24 hours, one hour, eight hours, like fifteen minutes or indefinitely until you turn notifications back on. You can even turn off notifications thoroughly.

6. Make a payment

There are a couple of popular apps that allow you to pay friends and family without any cash, but that means downloading just one more app. In case you don’t have room on your mobile for Venmo, Messenger is an alternative, in case you do not plan on deleting the app anytime soon.

7. Share photos immediately with facial recognition
Messenger’s Photo Magic feature uses facial recognition to make it easier to send photographs to friends and family. When the feature is on, the program will notify when it discovers a brand new picture using a buddy in your camera roll you to share pictures.

8. Send your location
Similar to dropping a bowling pin in Apple Maps, you can send your place — or any location — in a message. Select a conversation, pat the icon, click location, then you can seek a spot and send it.

9. Send GIFs
Pat More at the base of a conversation screen, and you will see a summary of different apps you’ll be able to install. You will see GIPHY as one choice, and you’ll be able to tap on the INSTALL button, that will bring you to the App Store; as you normally would download it. Once installed, you can select the GIF icon in the base of a conversation to hunt and send GIFs right in Messenger.

10. Customize your message threads with emoji
Change up your conversations with individuals that are different by changing the way the threads appearance. Hit your friend’s name near the top of the screen when you’re in a dialog, and you’ll see alternatives for shade nicknames and emoji. The colour will alter the chat bubbles as well as the outline of icons.