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10 Things to Do in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh’s beauty can never be expressed in words. Visiting the places in Leh Ladakh has a spellbinding effect. Numerous attractions are having a bounty of natural beauty. Most of the places have a unique blend of Buddhism, Tibetan and Indian characteristics. When booking tour packages, it is advisable to keep some days off to visit some of the places and plan some activities. So, here is a list of things which can be done when in Leh Ladakh.

Things to Do in Leh Ladakh

Pashmina Making

Pashmina, one of the most expensive handlooms in the world can be seen being made at the mills here in Ladakh. The magic done at the workplace is amazing especially if you have a Pashmina goat (Changthangi) to accompany you. The luxurious pashmina can also be bought at the shops nearby.

Llams’ performance

One of the spectacular things to witness in Ladakh is the colorful Chhams performance by the Llams. The dance drama has all the true spirits of Ladakh with masks and vibrant clothes. One will definitely get mesmerized by the Ladakh Festival, also known as the Hemis Festival.

Exploring the Fauna

Spotting the snow leopard at the Hemis National Park will surely leave you breathless. The national park is home to over 200 snow leopards which can be seen only in the winter season. The beautiful animal is one of the most popular attractions of the region. Also, one can go for a ride on the Bactrian Camels at the Hunder sand dunes. The ride is accompanied by the mesmerizing views of the Shyok and Nubra River flowing along the terrain. The caravans too, took this route to travel in the ancient times.

A stay with the Local Family

Life in the mountains can only be experienced if one stays with the local family. A first-hand experience of the local culture combined with the traditional cuisine is altogether an unparalleled experience.

Having Maggi at the highest cafeteria

You can sit overlooking the Himalayan Mountains at the Khardung La Pass and savor Maggi noodles. Khardung La Pass is the highest motorable pass in the world and having Maggi at this highest point is an altogether unforgettable experience.

Enjoy Hot Butter Tea

When in Ladakh, it is a good idea to try the local butter tea. Also, Chang can be tried out, which a local brew is made by fermenting miller in a porcelain pot of cylindrical shape.

Yak Cheese

The nomads get milk, butter, and meat from the Yaks. The Yak cheese made from the milk is delicious. Apart from this; one can also try Chhurpi, momos made from Yak’s cheese.

Connecting with the Monks

The magical aura of the monks cannot be described in words. It is good to converse with the locals and the tourists on the trip, but it is even better to connect with the monks. Interaction with them will give an insight into their divine and wise experiences of life.

An Adventure filled driving

Driving along the unending adventurous roads of Ladakh gives the adrenaline rush required. The narrow and rocky trails with the clouds above and the mountains all around mixed with driving are a pleasant experience and lift the spirits.

Morning Prayer at the Monastery

The Hemis monastery usually has the early morning prayers which can be attended of one stays at the Buddhist monastery for a night. The early Morning Prayer rejuvenates the mind and is a recommended thing to do when in Leh Ladakh.

The visitors are captivated by the awe-inspiring landscapes and culture of the place. There is a lot to do in Leh Ladakh which cannot be missed at any cost. It’s better to contact your tour operator for Ladakh tour packages and get the best quotes to enjoy your visit to the utmost.