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20 Biggest Fashion Trends You’ll See In 2020

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” – Bill Cunningham.  

Upon the arrival of different fashion trends every year like a shot, this time as well, some legendary styles have punched the clock into fashion. Like me, you should also consider exercising your judgment now. I know there are so many more tasks to do, and you think this is one of the most difficult ones. 

However, as Elsa Schiaparelli said, “In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous,” so yes, it will help you save your life and peace. 

Well, you do not need to worry, as the fashion trends of 2020 have too much to offer. Ranging from the party styles, retro, vogue, medieval costumes, knitwear, patterns, haute couture, and more trends are included this year. I assure you will end up grooving on at least one or two of them. 

If you think I am insisting you change your wardrobe, you are wrong! Because we are girls and we want our wardrobe to be filled with millions of clothes for every occasion. Together with some trendy styles to wear accompanied by your bunch that is always in fashion. So, have you put on the thinking cap to cast the die in the upcoming year for your wardrobe. 

We will not leave you in the middle of the road here, as the following below are the craziest looks to take charge in 2020

Turn Formal With Short Suits 

If you remember, short suits were earlier adorned in the 90s, and who can forget the elegant Rachel Greene wearing it? The short suits, specifically Bermuda, is doing wonders this year. The piece is a complete formal look for winters. It can be styled with a pair of high knee boots and a pair of high heel sandals. I am telling you, this fashion statement is going to tickle to death many of them. Like those posh actresses, get set to turn your magic spell ON at your workplace. 

Wipe Them With Stripes 

This time, indeed, the stripes are going to pave the way off! Also, because it comes in handy for any kind of body type. Be it the vertical or the horizontal ones, pick the best stripes for you. Comparatively, the vertical stripes are more loved, no matter what. If you are more of a getting clicked freak, then this is apt for you. A fashion stylist has recently answered one of your subconscious questions for incorporating strips in your collection, which says, it is cool to play safe with a maximum of two prints, they will do wonders. Also, if you are a leopard print lover, feel free to combine strips and prints together. 

Dine In The Shines 

Are you trying to hammer out a deal for today’s evening party? Your search ends here. The shine wear will flourish flawless looks for events. Be it glitter, shine, or metallics; it has always been in your mind, I know (like Monica says). You will definitely kill every party or gala with shine wear gowns, slip dresses and pantsuits. These can also be worked in for a casual daily basis, and as Harry Winston said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Shines can be paired along with bright colors that will major up your spark as well. 

Get Caught With Hot Pants 

Buckle up, peers! Hot pants are arriving in the magically surprising year. These sexy pair of pants has been in existence for decades. Nothing can match up to its hot spell. Be ready to pick it for your wardrobe and level up your confidence with it. The too much short shorts are worn by many celebrities and can be carried off at parties, clubs, and wherever you feel comfortable. It has been massively worn by sports players since the era of the 1930s, as they enjoyed being in the bed of roses. 

Care About Western Wear? 

Western Boots
Image by Janet Dahmen from Pixabay

You are going to swing this season in the western wear. The fashion was active in the year 2018 and went back in 2019. But, now, get up to adorn that cool stuff again as it has come in the scene now. You are going to pick up your cowboy boots again, right? It pairs greatly with a simple or a cute dress. Mostly, the item can be completed with neckerchiefs, giving an attractive feel. Do you feel like blazing? Better don it with a vintage dress. 

Peplum Will Make Everyone Around Ponder 

This fashion season is undoubtedly going to be unpredictable. Until the time it was in slumberland, the 2010 era took the privilege of beauty completely. The unanimously phenomenal abdominal style can give way to shooing away every girl’s insecurity about her. Girls! This fashion style will refresh you with new opportunities and match it up with tops, gowns, and more. It is wanted so much more than the yesteryears. Carry and wear it off as per your comfort and see the magic begin. 

This Weather, It’s The Colorful Leather 

If there is any style that’s got the never-ending love, it would be colorful leather. Check out an online store or a physical store. This year it is all about leather and in uncountable colors. Leather has been marking a major fashion statement for quite a while now. You can choose your favorite colors. Its tangy tomato, baby blue, or real orange? Pair it up with skirts or pants, and you are bound to get noticed. If you are musing about rocking the runway, then pick up a bright leather skirt with a cool jacket. It will work as the coolest combination. 

Tough That Look With Puffed Sleeves 

Puffed Sleeves
Photo by Joseph Kellner on Unsplash

Personally, for me, puffed is a complete hack. The fashion style is doing rounds from a lot of seasons now. And, worry not! Because this season, it is rooting for the puffed lovers. Puffed sleeves cannot be frisked out. It is a delicate and gushing style meant to take up a chance. Every kind of style will look quite good and showcase a different look than the previous one. It rubs the right way with every figure. All you, girls, can possess this fashion with your style! 

Try Out The Crocheted Dresses 

This time will be about crocheted dresses and tops everywhere around. You must have a style and aura to redefine the crochet beauty. Crocheted was popular in the era of the 1960s, and it would redefine the fashion of the time. The current crocheted styles are artistic, ultimately turning your personality as per your passion and fashion. A lot of innovations can be made in this fashion style if you are keen to raise the standards of fashion over and over. 

Florals Are No More Cold

My mom always dressed me in florals. I could not be happier at this time of the year, as florals are ruling the fashion industry, especially the summer and spring seasons. You are going to get the flowery feeling with the floral print tops and dresses every now and then. The trend is regarded as bold and beautiful. 

Run-on Neons 

Neon has been the radical theme for springs in the year 2020. I may not be sure about you, but rolling over with confidence in neon is a dream come true! It involves colors like fluorescent green, baby pink, shiny orange, and vibrant ones. Some of the popular designers debuted with such colors and executed one of the major fashion trends. Flourish ravishing looks with it. 

Feel The Disco Vibe With The Retro Collars 

Like the blast from the past, if there is something you would uncover, it should be the retro collars. The collars are a cool match in every outfit. You won’t miss out on the classic flavor with it. This style will make you dance in happiness. Also, because it is designed to attract those dance vibes. Enjoy your good times with this style, as retro symbolizes – good times. 

White Shirts? – Mattering Much 

Not on any planet, there will be a girl who would not have her wardrobe full of basic white shirts. Why? Because they matter a little too much!! If there is any item or style you are doubtful about, all you gotta do is team it up with a basic white shirt. Ask me; I am a freak for white shirts. Now, see the fashion rolling on around. 

Dress Full and Play Fair 

Dressing completely is a doubtful phrase because dressing up in a full-fledged manner is a difficult task. For justifying the full-dress thing, you need to start with the necklace, bangles, and hoops. You can transform your amazing outfit into hearts and flowers. Try choosing the subtle jewelry that bestows elegance to the whole outfit. 

Fly High With Feathers 

Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

Do you feel like swinging away with feathers? Well, feel free to do it now! Dresses, tops, pants, and skirts will move away with your feathers. Girls, it is your time to fly in the sky like fairies. (Is that what you wished as a child? Because I too did) Lock your fashion by forming it differently, suiting your choices and style. Feathers will give you touchy soft comfort. So, enjoy your snuggly moments! 

 Roll On Polka Dots 

Start your year with polka dots collections. Trust me; it spreads zeal around! This fashion is from the 70s era, justifying the chic look. I have loved it since my childhood and much in love with it now as well. The apparent polka is superior and modern, relevant enough to turn on quirky personality. Bring out your old polka dots from the buffet and remake it completely into a new one. 

 Board Shorts Are A Way To Go! 

Are you shocked? Well, I am as well! Could anything be a much bigger surprise than welcoming mom jeans back in fashion? Often regarded as disgraceful, the shorts are on fashion fire. Still, there are millions of people favoring the style and carrying it off like a pro! This style has been rising taboo standards, yet they are figured out beautifully by many designers. Take a room and refresh your creativity on it. 

Bras? Well, yeah! 

Bras have won the grounds of crop tops, and you no more need to hide it anywhere inside. A bra can light up your fashion statement without a doubt. This year, your fashion may upset parents, but will slay the fashion grounds. Be it your long trousers or your skirt; these will knock out fashion like a boss! Comfy bras or the sports bra, both are reigning the throne. 

Go, the 70s 

Like retro, the 70s are entering the fashion industry. All the different and absurd patterns, styles are getting back on the base. Mixtures can be worked on in fashion. Well, this is what fashion is all about. Experiments, innovation, and creativity. As Coco Chanel said, “To be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” For looking different, fashion has to be different. The 70s bring in the bell bottoms, flared pants, double breast style, hemlines, lapels. History owns its metabolism, for sure. Reconnect history on your body and see the world drooling around you. 

Refer to Safari 

The fashion industry seems to turn into a forest near soon. That is because the Safari trends are on rounds. Your perspective designed the look. For sporty people, this is the right match. Don the khaki color cargo shorts, pants, and sports shoes to justify the jungle look. It is not restricted to one color, but the additions of more colors like green, rust, or tan would do. A safari jumpsuit sounds heaven for sporty girls out there. And call it a day with an animal printed hat. Safari jackets are well off with pockets and complete support in the winter season as well. 

Putting in a nutshell, fashion has different styles, patterns, moods, designs, and controversies as well. You got to choose your favorite menu and go great guns in your style! 


Joe Hupp is a full-time Internet Marketer, author, public speaker, personal coach, Internet Marketing Consultant, and most importantly, a husband and a father. Joe has had a passion for medieval costumes and the renaissance period since he started going to renaissance fairs as a kid!