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3 Hobbies to Try Before the New Year

Everyone needs a few good hobbies to try—it’s an essential component of a healthy work-life balance. But as you get older, it’s harder and harder to carve out time for the things you enjoy. Maybe you’re having a hard time remembering what those things are anymore.

Sounds like it’s time to try something new!

Not only is it important to have hobbies and activities you enjoy, but it’s also vital to mix things up—get active, embrace your creative side, and learn a worthwhile skill that you’ll use in your day to day life. There’s value in versatility in these three hobbies to try before the New Year.

#1 Something Active

The best way to stay healthy is to find an activity that you actually enjoy—that way, you can incorporate fitness and fun. If you’re lucky, you’ll hardly notice you’re exercising. Try these hobbies for a new favorite way to work out:

  • Tennis – Racket sports are great because they require limited equipment and only one other person (or an empty court and a tennis ball launcher). The great news is that you don’t have to be good to enjoy tennis. When you first start out, just try to get the ball over the net no matter how many times it bounces—no pressure, just fun! 
Playing tennis
Image by Hans Dietmann from Pixabay
  • Hiking – Anything that ends in a stunning landscape view is a pretty sweet hobby. Hiking is also usually a group activity. You can enjoy the outdoors while catching up with friends (and getting a little exercise on the side).
  • Disc golf – is played quite similarly to golf, but without the clubs, balls, and fancy golf outfits. There are disc golf courses around the country that are—wait for it—totally free to play. The only thing you have to buy is a set of discs, which are reasonably priced.  

#2 Something Practical

Why not spend your free time doing an activity that also makes your life easier? There’s no reason your hobby can’t be value-adding, too:

  • Cooking – We all have to feed ourselves, but we don’t all know how to do it well. Pick up a cookbook, an apron, and a brand new set of cooking utensils to turn a routine task into the most exciting part of your day.
Family cooking together
Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels
  • Learning a new language – Whether you’ll be jetting off to a foreign country or impressing your friends at a cocktail party, acquiring a new language is a valuable skill. Duolingo is a free language-learning app that makes this an accessible hobby for anyone. You can also search for classes at a local community center or college.

#3 Something Creative

Tapping into your artistic side is an important part of expressing yourself. Whether it’s through arts and crafts, music, poetry, or dance, these creative hobbies—and so many others—are a great way to unwind and share your gifts (sometimes literally) with the world:

  • Scrapbooking – Whether for yourself or a loved one, scrapbooking is a fun way to preserve cherished memories. Hold onto photos, ticket stubs, hand-written notes, and mementos to use as crafting supplies—that way; this hobby will hardly cost you a cent. 
  • Ukulele – This is one of the easiest instruments to learn as a beginner because it’s relatively small and only has four strings. Have a jam sesh with some of your other musical friends, or bring it camping for a wholesome campfire sing-a-long. If you’re up for it, try your hand at writing your own music, too!
  • Knitting – Everyone loves a good handknit scarf or toque during the winter months, plus you’ll love how relaxing the repetitive motions can be. Knitting is another low-stakes hobby with very few required supplies.
Knitting supplies
Image by Mabel Amber on Pixabay
  • Card-making – Creating beautiful, hand-made holiday cards is a fun way to keep busy, but it also has a practical side, too—no more spending $6.99 at the grocery store when you can make nicer, more personal cards and invitations from the comfort of your home.

Free Time is Your Time

Far too often, we find ourselves sacrificing our free time for some other obligation. Well, I guess I can cancel my tennis match or skip book club this week—after all, it’s just a hobby.

Don’t forget: your free time is your me-time.

Spend it wisely. And once you’ve found your new favorite hobby, stick with it!

Featured Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay