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3 Important Tips for Renting an Apartment Right Now

Renting an apartment is going to be a challenge right now. In any other time, searching for a new place to live and preparing to move is incredibly stressful. With the presence of COVID-19 and economic instability, the task is going to be harder. 

To prepare yourself for this necessary task, you should take a look at these three important tips. They could help make your move a lot smoother. 

1. Have a Back-Up Plan

Apartment building
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When renting an apartment it’s always wise to have a financial back-up plan in case something goes wrong. What if your paycheck comes in late? What if your hours get cut? What if your roommate misses a payment? You need to have an option that helps you cover responsibilities like rent or bills when there’s a small hiccup in your routine. 

An emergency fund can help you do this. Start setting aside savings from your monthly budget into an account so that you can slowly build up a good safety net. In the meantime, you might want to apply for a Line of Credit offered through CreditFresh so that you can have a reliable back-up plan from this point forward. You can apply for the line of credit online. If approved, you can use it whenever you need it and then make repayments later. 

2. Be Thorough in Your Roommate Search

You never want to find yourself in the middle of a roommate horror story — and you especially don’t want to experience it during a lockdown. You will be in close contact with this person for long periods of time without a break, so you’ll want to choose wisely. 

Before you agree to sign a lease together, ask these questions to see if you’ll be a good match:

  • Are they going to school this year? Will they be taking on a full course load?
  • Will they be working from home? 
  • Are there things that you will inevitably butt heads over? Like dietary preferences or smoking habits?
  • Do they have a significant other that will visit often?
  • How do they feel about social distancing measures? Have they been following them?

3. Be Safe

Moving day
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Try to be safe throughout the whole process, whether it’s the initial apartment search to moving day. When you’re looking at potential places to rent, contact the landlord through email or phone to arrange a private tour. Some landlords are offering virtual moving tours — although it’s risky to sign on to a place that you can’t personally inspect. Do what makes you feel comfortable. 

Simplify moving day as best as you can. If you’re buying furniture, have it delivered to your new place instead of hauling it over in a large moving van. Pick items that you can assemble/disassemble when convenient — this will guarantee that items can fit through small hallways and around awkward corners. Take a look at some of these other moving tips during COVID to see how you can make the big day a little easier. 

These tips will make every step of your move better. You will have an easier time finding a good roommate, touring apartments, getting through moving day, and living in your new home. 

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay