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3 Tips That Will Make You Great at Choosing Gifts

The holiday season is almost upon us, meaning that it’s the perfect time to buy and receive gifts. Of course, the tradition of gift exchanging is not just limited to this time only, which is actually what makes the tips that we will discuss next exceptionally valid for any time of the year. Next, we will disclose three tips to you about choosing the right gift for an individual, based on psychology and personality, rather than popular marketing.

Find Out What They Like

It can be as simple as asking them outright, but if you wish to keep it a secret, that is much easier than you might believe it to be. For example, if your better half has a collection of wristwatches, you only need to look through them to find out which ones are missing from their collection. It will be a pertinent choice of gift, but you will not be in any danger of buying an expensive watch that they already own.

Children are much easier to deal with as your child will likely make sure that you know about their wish to get a new video game console this Christmas from Santa! However, some teenagers are a lot harder to work with at times. Pay a visit to their room when they are not around and see what they both like and would make for a more loving gift than a broom to clean up the mess.

video game console
Image by THAM YUAN YUAN from Pixabay

In the case of adults, things may require a bit more tact, but the classic rule of observing for needs and wants just works fine. For those not familiar with it, the idea is that you either gift them something that they are in clear need of or something that would please them in their own way. For some, it can be something as simple and essential as a new peacoat, while for others, it may not even cost a dime to set up a nice photo album filled with old memories from the good old days of Christmas. As most of your gifts will cost money, it is highly suggested that you try to save as much of it as you can by shopping for online deals at They collect, list, and even review deals from 600 major and minor websites!

Don’t Project

It is common for us to project our own ideas and conceptions about the holidays onto others, which makes us pretty awful at selecting gifts. For example, if you don’t believe that your child deserves a new console for being naughty all summer, then choose something else of a lesser financial value that may still appeal to them. Do not make the mistake of presenting them with something that you believe they should be concentrating on next year. Neither will they like the gift, nor will your wish of seeing them engage more time in your desired activity come true. If being stern is the objective, there are other ways to go about it.

Setting children aside, projection absolutely fails with adults and can ruin relationships. For example, a book on self-help and ambition is never a good idea if you believe someone you know lacks professional ambition! It may feel like the perfect gift to you, but to them, it may just feel a bit too rude for obvious reasons.

Don’t Let Random Posts Mislead You

There is a popular idea that gifts do not increase happiness in the long run but may play a role in decreasing joy down the line. It is a debatable thought, but some facts do support it. Nevertheless, it fails to account that everything is perpetually and inevitably transient, including life. There is nothing that we can gift or do that won’t lose some or all of its initial emotional value in the long run.

As life is not mathematics, the idea of increasing or decreasing happiness in a quantifiable manner does not make much practical sense. It is all about the moments, and the moment you surprise someone with a well-thought-out gift is almost always going to remain a joyous moment in time and memory.

Featured Image by Kari Shea from Pixabay