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3 Ways Rugs Can Add a Touch of Interest to Your Home

Selecting the flooring is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions a homeowner will make. It will be the base where one stands on, sits on, and at times even lays down on. Choosing the suitable material, color, and style is of utmost importance.

Flooring Trends

According to FlooringInc, the most popular trends include vinyl, tile, laminate, carpets, and engineered hardwood. As for the look, many are going for natural styles and textures like stone, wood, and marble. Finally, the most favored colors are neutral hues such as gray, blonde, and white.

Of course, once people finally have the floor that works best for them, the next step is to beautify it and ensure that it remains in pristine condition. One of the most foolproof ways is by placing a rug that complements and enhances the flooring’s design. On the other hand, some people may find experimenting with rugs to be a challenging experience. 

Inspirational and Functional

So to help individuals with this dilemma, Mother Ruggers founder Stormy Simon shared a valuable piece of wisdom. She insightfully explained, “Rugs have a very traditional design and tend to look the same, and the more they cost, the less you want to walk on them or get dirty because they can be hard to clean. We think your rug should be inspirational and be functional.

She went on to say, “Rugs are fashionable textiles and because they are for the floor, you shouldn’t worry about getting dirty. Rugs can be talked about, not just walked about. If you view a rug as inspiration, your room will follow.”

Add Interest to Your Home

There are numerous ways a rug can add a touch of interest to your home, including the following:

  • Defining Areas – rugs are an excellent way to effectively break up open spaces such as studios or large rooms. It helps break large rooms into specific areas like seating and dining without the need for walls or bulky furniture. 
  • Adding Dimension -. The placement of just the right size, shape, or color and the rug’s design can create a more dynamic and layered room.
  • Creating a Focal Point – Rugs with vibrant prints and patterns or those with unique designs and material can be a great accent and even a statement piece that draws guests’ attention.

Rugs have become much more than simple pieces of fabric that people use to protect their floorings. It has since evolved into an essential statement piece of decor with numerous uses and purposes. Most importantly, they are a great way to enhance the beauty of a person’s dream home.


Given this, more homeowners are looking into expressing their creative and artistic side by investing in high-quality rugs with exquisite designs. As for Mother Ruggers, the innovative brand remains committed to its vision of revolutionizing the rug industry in style and function.