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3 Ways to Build Your Career at Home

In 2020, we felt the entire world screech to a stop—lives were turned upside down, career plans upended, and futures fading into an uncertain haze. Don’t give up on your career plans.  You can build your career at home

However, just because your office space has now been relegated to the ten-square-foot area two steps away from your bed doesn’t mean you have to give up on your career-building dreams. Far from it, actually.

Here are three ways to pave your path to success without changing out of your PJs (although we do recommend wearing work clothes for video calls).

#1 Launch a Killer Website

Web development
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Whether your career is a new startup, a side hustle, or your personal brand, you’ll need to supplement your unparalleled skills with a killer website to boot. Don’t launch it before refining these key aspects:

  • Write high-quality web copy that’s snappy, including eye-catching headlines, concise copy, and attention-grabbing CTAs (calls to action). If writing isn’t your expertise, invest in a professional copywriting service to help your website shine. 
  • Include a blog section in which you post SEO-friendly articles that set you apart as a thought leader in your chosen industry. That way, you’ll constantly be generating new leads and site click-throughs, even while you’re off the clock. 
  • Design your layout carefully. Consider how your colors, format, and images reflect your brand and make sure your webpages are crisp and easy-to-read.  

#2 Set Up the Perfect Workstation

Set up a perfect workstation
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To build a career that fulfills you (and fills your bank account), you’ll need to foster an at-home work environment that inspires and invigorates. Without the right setting, you may get distracted by the comfort of your couch or the temptation of your TV (because “just one more episode of The Queen’s Gambit, I swear!” quickly turns into the whole season).

To cultivate the perfect workspace that is as professional as it is productive, don’t forget to include these features (in addition to your tried and true computer setup, ergonomic office chair, and “hang in there” cat poster, of course):

  • standing desk extender for improved posture and concentration. A less sedentary workday can do wonders for your health and mind.
  • Plenty of natural light to keep you motivated and awake, whether you’re preparing that last-minute pitch deck or pushing through your one-hundredth hour of prototyping. 
  • Relaxing plants and candles for stress management when times get tough.

#3 Never Stop Learning

Never stop learning
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Whether you’ve just graduated from college or have been in the workforce for years, building a new career requires not only an initial level of expertise but also the commitment to keep learning. Most industries shift and evolve as quickly as the fast-paced world around us, which means you have to keep up to stay ahead. 

Here’s how:

  • Keep developing existing skills by rifling through old textbooks or taking a refresher course online.
  • Take advantage of your business experts to develop the skills you’ll need for the job you want. That means investing in that mortgage loan office training service or writing boot camp, and fast—just because you’re early in your career doesn’t mean you have to wait to start training for your dream job. 
  • Pick up supplementary skills like computer programming or conversational fluency in a foreign language. These will make you a more attractive job candidate or business owner, no matter your industry. 

The Hustle Never Stops—Even When You’re in Your PJs

While the sweeping wave of employees now working from home has led to a similarly large wave of employees working in their pajamas, don’t let your loungewear tempt you to kick back and relax. While networking has gone virtual and happy hours have migrated to Zoom calls, your drive and ambition need to stay put. 

Even though times are hard and your motivation might be faltering, remember that the work you put in now will pay off ten-fold in the future (and hopefully, by then, you can celebrate your promotion in-person at a bar). 

Keep busting your butt—no matter how comfy it feels in those sweatpants.  

Featured Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash