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4 House cleaning secrets that will make your life easier

Cleaning can tend to be a chore sometimes, especially when we are not motivated to do it or have no idea as to where to start. These tips will hopefully make cleaning an easier task for you.

1.    Clean up after messes

Clean up after messes
Most of us tend to wait and pile up chores so as to do one major clean up after nearly everything is dirty, and the house is messy. At this point, things may get overwhelming and we actually end up not doing a good job. The best thing, therefore, is to clean up immediately after something gets dirty. Don’t wait to pile up dishes all day, don’t wait to do laundry after two or three weeks. Cleaning up every once in a while, will keep things nice and tidy and your house in order. Cleaning up stains while they’re still fresh will also make it easier to get them out of your clothes or seat covers for instance.

2.    Do a deep clean every once in a while

This can be done monthly or after three months or at any time you prefer. Deep cleans ensure that every inch and surface of your house is cleaned and is sparkling. This includes the ovens, microwaves, blinds, ceilings and so much more. All this can be a bit too much for an individual and for such a clean it is best to do it as a family or group of friends, or, alternatively, hire a professional cleaning service. If you live in Western Australia, you can book a maid2match in Perth, who can effectively get this kind of a deep spring clean professionally done.

3.    Put some music on while cleaning

Cleaning can be quite a drag since it gets quite tiresome and boring. When cleaning, therefore, remember to put on some music which will lift up your spirits and put you in a good mood. Remember to use some feel good, dance music as you will find yourself getting a lot more done and actually enjoying your chores. Clear up all the clutter in the rooms first too, as this will really help you to identify what needs cleaning and what does not.

4.    Dust and wipe efficiently


Dust your bookshelves, furniture, cupboards and anything else that requires dusting. Remember to do so from left to right and from top to bottom. This will ensure that dust will not settle on the top shelves after dusting the bottom ones, as would be the case if you began from the bottom to top. Do not forget to dust picture frames and wall clocks, which do collect a lot of dust over time. Remember to vacuum the house afterwards so as to ascertain that all the dirt has been gotten rid of. In the case of wiping glass surfaces, use two cloths, a wet one and a dry one. Once you have wiped the surface with the wet cloth and removed all the dirt, dry it with a dry cloth. This ensures that no streak lines are formed.

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