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4 Reasons to Get Travel Vaccinations Before Setting Off On Holiday

If you’re planning on a vacation or trip to a foreign country, then you may need to consider having travel vaccinations before you go. Not only do travel vaccinations safeguard and protect you from contracting potentially fatal diseases, but some countries also require you to have specific vaccinations before you can enter the country.

The travel vaccination experts at London Travel Clinic have put together their 4 most important reasons to ensure you are vaccinated before you travel abroad.

Risk of Disease

Risk of Disease

If you are travelling to an exotic destination or somewhere off the beaten track, you could be putting yourself at risk of contracting a plethora of diseases that your body isn’t prepared to fight. As a preventative measure, it’s crucial to receive the appropriate travel vaccinations. A vaccine essentially contains a very mild strain of the disease that is then injected into your body. This tricks the immune system into making a “memory” of that germ meaning that the disease can be fought off more easily by the body if you ever come in contact with it.

Gaining access to a country

On top of being critical for protecting you from diseases while on holiday, some vaccinations even enable you to be able to go on holiday; this is because vaccination such as yellow fever, are required before you can enter certain countries. The reason that certain countries require proof of vaccination before permitting entry is due to the high risk of exposure for such diseases and the spreading of the disease through things such as mosquito bites. Without the required vaccines, it’s possible that you will run into difficulties gaining entry to some countries, and also returning home.

Save Money on Healthcare

If you decide to travel abroad without the required vaccinations and are unlucky enough to contract an illness or disease, then you’ll no doubt require medical attention. Not every country has an NHS system like the UK, so if you do find yourself needing medical attention while on holiday, then you’re more than likely going to have to pay for it. Depending on what country you are in when you fall ill will depend on how much money you’re likely to spend on healthcare.  Even though you can often claim money back for healthcare costs if you fall sick on holiday, it’s always best to ensure you get the relevant vaccinations.

Although vaccinations do cost money, they’re likely to cost just a fraction of the price of healthcare abroad.

Being productive on your trip

No matter whether you’re travelling abroad for work or pleasure, one thing is for sure; you don’t want to spend your time feeling sick. Each year, millions of adults get sick from diseases that could be prevented by vaccination. This sickness causes them to miss work and unable to care for those who depend on them, including their children.