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Summer Smiles – 4 Tips for Brightening the Office

Do you feel that your office has a sterile feel to it? If you plan on asking your employees about their workspace, be prepared to hear some strong opinions. That’s because not everyone likes the traditional monochrome décor. You may want to consider brightening the office.

Summer days are the longest. This is why it feels like you are going to be stuck forever in the office during summer. As the CEO, your room is decorated exactly the way you want it. Have you ever thought about what your employees want? For them, it might be a little depressing. It’s time that you shook things up a little!

When the sun is bright outside and the office interior is plain and gloomy, employees get a little antsy. This is not good for productivity. So, how do you give your employees a brighter workspace that will keep them happy? If you want to find out, then keep on reading.

1.     Add Color

When it comes to changing the décor and brightening the office, the first thing you need to do is change the color. It really brightens up the area and makes the office look more spacious. However, instead of repainting the office with a single color, why not go with the employees’ preference. If each employee in the office has a private workspace with a divider, then a great way to liven up space is to paint each divider according to the employee’s choice. If it’s a co-working space, then go with color splashes on a single wall. Compliment this wall by hanging abstract art on the other walls.

2.     Use Residential Lighting

Every office has commercial lighting, which sometimes can feel boilerplate boring and cold. So, here’s what we suggest: first, use small chandeliers in the main areas to give the office a warm look and second, place a HappyLight compact lamp on each employee’s desk. This lamp mimics sunlight and enhances mood, focus, and energy without the harmful UV rays.

3.     Bring Plants In

Bring Plants In

Office Plan Hire is a service that not just make the place vibrant with planters but provide regular maintenance to make sure these plants thrive in an indoor environment. These plants get rid of toxins from the air and provide a stress-free work environment. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate them in the workplace such as potted plants, green walls, desk plants, and more.

4.     Someecards

Every office has inspirational quotes and that is a great way to keep employees motivated. However, a little laughter is needed for socialization. What better way to promote this than printed meme macros from Someecards. Place one on every employee’s desk and give them the gift of laughter.

A little change in the office gives the employees something to talk about. As important it is for the company to reach its goals, it is equally important to keep the employees happy. After all, happy employees result in more productivity. Happy and satisfied employees are the backbone of an organization. They work harder because they feel content in the environment. Moreover, the change in environment and décor creates a good impression on the clients.

Featured Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay