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4 Types of Construction Equipment

Not every business with a construction arm is the same. A hotel has a different framework and different types of construction equipment. The same can be said for a church.

But what different types of construction equipment are there? How can you separate the functions of a church to a hotel? This article will go through the different types of construction equipment and what they’re used for.

1. Tractor

A tractor is one of the most common construction equipment types used in many construction applications. It is typically used in landscaping, agricultural and industrial applications, and construction. A tractor is a vehicle with several internal components that allow it to maneuver, transport, and power tools used to move dirt and materials to and from the construction site.

Tractors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. This makes them useful across a range of construction tasks so you can get the Bobcat 753 lowdown.

Most are powered by gasoline or diesel engines, while some are electric or hybrid. Tractors can be modified for specific tasks such as digging, scooping, and leveling, making them ideal for many construction jobs.

2. Bulldozer

A bulldozer is a type of construction equipment primarily utilized for moving soil or rock from one location to another. It utilizes a wide steel plate propelled by a large engine and hydraulic pumps to move the dirt. Bulldozers have various uses and can be used in various construction tasks.

They are useful for flattening, compacting, moving, and piling large amounts of dirt, among other uses. Bulldozers are usually operated by a single operator and are capable of working in all types of terrain. With their strong components and heavy-duty nature, bulldozers can quickly perform various tasks on construction sites, making them invaluable pieces of equipment.

3. Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are a type of construction equipment used to elevate a worker or materials to different heights and reach areas that would be otherwise inaccessible. They are versatile, and people use them in various applications, like construction, maintenance, repair, and inspection work.

Boom lifts come in various sizes and designs, including telescopic boom lifts, articulating boom lifts, and scissor lifts. Telescopic boom lifts can extend up to 50 feet in height and reach up to 26 feet horizontally. This type of equipment is usually expensive, so if you’re considering buying used boom lifts, check out!

4. Dumper Trucks

Dumper trucks are commonly used in the building and construction trade. Large, heavy-duty vehicles are designed to carry construction materials or debris from one place to another.

Dumper trucks are one of the most fundamental pieces of construction equipment, used in countless applications across the industry. They are typically made of steel and can come equipped with multiple axles and various payload capacities, depending on the application.

Learn More About Construction Equipment Today

Construction equipment helps us build better, faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. Different machines are available for various activities, such as excavation, demolition, and drilling. To learn more about the types of construction equipment that can help you complete your projects quickly and cost-effectively, contact an experienced supplier today!

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Featured Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay