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5 benefits of bike riding for kids

These days, kids tend not to be as active as we remember being during our childhood. The younger generation prefers to spend their time in front of the tv, tablet, cellphone, computer or any other electronic device, instead of sharing time with their friends playing in the streets. It is also true that it is not as safe as it used to be in many places, but, that is why it is important that us as parents, find the best places to allow our children to safely play outside. If you live in a safe area, where kids can be outside without worry, encourage family activities, such as cycling. Riding bikes is a great way to spend time as a family and get some exercise. Try to invite your kids friends, so you can get to know them and keep them all close to home and supervised. There are many benefits that come from riding bikes regularly but here are just a few:

  1. Keeps your children in shape: A sedentary life is not good for a growing child, as it contributes to weight gain and the formation of poor habits. Encouraging your child to bike for at least an hour every day will keep them in good shape and active. It will also help them with their reflexes and motor skills. Riding bikes puts to work a good portion of the brain, keeping our children alert and this helps them out in daily life. Studies have proven that kids that ride their bikes to school are better students than ones that are driven in cars.

  2. Helps their social life: Riding bikes with friends helps children to interact not only with their friends but also to meet new ones. Bikes can be that icebreaker that helps them to improve their social skills and in turn, that will help them in their adult life. Having good social skills will help them not to be shy and to be able to interact with people at work, which could open important opportunities for professional growth.
    Helps kids to improve their social life
  3. Improves family life: Riding with your kids is a great way to build a great bond with them. They will show trust and confidence in you and you will be able to approach them and discuss any subject or aspect of life. It is fun, energizing and healthy, so don’t miss the chance to ride bikes with your kids! It is an opportunity that you only will have for a few years before they grow up and feel too cool to hang with mom and dad.

  4. Teach them early: Go ahead and pick the first bike for your child as soon as they show interest. Beside helping bond with him or her, when you teach them how to ride early in life, it will improve the confidence that they have in you and also, at the same time, will build their confidence in themselves. This is a very important chapter of their life, as growing human being and for you, as mentor and parent.

  5. Make them save for the bike they want: One strategy while teaching your kids to learn how to ride is to buy a used bike. Maybe one that is a bit old or a hand-me-down from an older sibling. Eventually, your child will ask for a new bike and when they do, you can use that as an excuse to teach them how to save money. Two good ways are to help them with half of the payment or make them save their allowance. This strategy of teaching will help them to understand the value of money and the effort that has to be put in to get the things you want in life!

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