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5 Crucial Steps to Follow After Any Road Accident

Whenever you’re on the road, you have to observe road safety rules and regulations and consider the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce having a road accident and avoid calamities. 

Unfortunately, some drivers often believe they have the right of passage and rarely consider other road users. These drivers put the lives and safety of everyone else at risk. And with motor vehicles increasing on the roads by the day, road accidents are estimated to continually increase

What should you do after an accident? 

Road accidents vary in intensity and can range from minor fender benders to serious collisions. In most cases, you’ll be startled and might not know exactly what to do. However, you can handle the situation professionally and solve any arising matters with a bit of preparation and calmness.  

So, what exactly are you supposed to do after being involved in a road accident? Here’s a simple but exhaustive guide to follow in case you’re ever in the middle of an accident. 

Check if anyone is hurt.

Every year, an estimated 1.3 million people succumb to road injuries. After an accident, the first thing you ought to do is ensure whether everyone is okay. If anyone has been hurt, you should call emergency services and, when possible, administer first aid and medical assistance. 

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Do not flee from the scene of an accident, no matter how minor it is. You could leave behind an injured person who could have used your help. Leaving the scene may be viewed as an admission of guilt, which could work against you when claiming insurance or if the other party decides to pursue legal action. 

If the accident was a minor one and no one was injured, you should also move the vehicle to the side of the road. This common courtesy reduces further danger and damage to your vehicle and reduces the chance of traffic buildup. 

Contact the relevant personnel.

The next step should be reaching out to relevant authorities, your lawyer, and other concerned parties. Since you might still be in a state of shock, you may accept blame falsely or let the other party go off without accessing the damage to your automobile. 

To avoid this, you should contact the police and your lawyer. The authorities will objectively determine the next steps to take to ensure the matter is handled correctly. Your lawyer will also advise you on your legal options and what to do next. Popular motorcycle attorneys like JT Legal provide timely and professional legal services in the case of road accidents. 

Document the scene 

Memory can be quite unreliable, especially in a moment of shock. To ensure you remember every detail correctly, you should record details of the accident as soon as possible. If you have your phone with you, you can take a video and pictures of the accident for future reference. 

Take note of essential details like close-up photos, the date and time of the accident, the vehicle’s direction, and so on. 

Additionally, you should collect necessary information from the other party for follow-up processes. Note down details like the driver’s name and contact details, license number, and the car’s insurance papers. 

Also, be careful about the information you give away, as someone can try and take advantage of you while you’re in a vulnerable state. Generally, you should never share crucial details like your social security number, your insurance cover’s limits, address, or other personal details. 

Contact your insurance company.

In some cases, it may be tempting to negotiate a quick cash deal and avoid reporting to the police or making an insurance claim. However, even if you’re in a hurry, you should talk to your insurance cover before leaving the scene. 

Failing to notify your insurance company about a crash or accident can leave you liable for any damages stemming from the incident. Some insincere road users could also try and extort you more than is required to fix the vehicle or offer you lesser money than you need. 

If you’re especially not on the wrong, you should always contact your insurance cover and try to obtain a police report before leaving the scene. The police report can be used in various capacities after the accident. 

Get a medical check-up.

While you may feel perfectly fine after the accident, you should still see your doctor as soon as possible. Some injuries and complications only become apparent after a day or two. The shock to your system can also shield you from identifying severe complications like spine and head injuries. 

Seeing a doctor will rule out any serious effects from the accident. If complications are emanating from the accident, the doctor can also provide you with the relevant documents and reports to present to relevant outlets. 

Finally, no one likes to be part of a road accident. However, whenever you’re on the road, there’s always a risk that something could go wrong and result in an accident. These tips will help you deal with the incident effectively and get back on your feet and the road as soon as possible.

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