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5 Myths You Might Have Heard About Prom

Prom is a right of passage for young adults who are finishing up their time at school and want to have some fun with their friends. Proms have been around for many years and so lots of people have experienced prom in one way or another. This has led to many myths being spread about what to expect on the night and how you need to prepare for it. Of course, many of these myths are not true and we are going to debunk some of them here. Keep reading to find out more.

You Need Professional Photos

When you do a simple search online for the phrase ‘prom’, you’ll see lots of photographs of young people stood in a line in fancy dresses or a couple in a forced pose. Looking back on staged prom photos can actually be quite embarrassing as they rarely look natural. This is why you need to know that you don’t need to get professional photos on the night. It is perfectly possible to take some great photos using your friend’s camera or even your phone. Often, the more natural photos look better so consider this when your prom night comes along.

A Traditional Dress Is Better

Traditional Dress

Prom dresses come in many different, shapes, sizes, and materials but which is the best one for you? It might seem like the traditional prom dresses are the best option as they are usually a safe choice and can look good on the night. This is another myth as you can actually wear whatever you want at prom – as long as it follows the school rules. Why don’t you go big and try one of the mermaid prom dresses that are in fashion right now? Don’t stick to tradition, take a look at the amazing Jovani mermaid prom dresses collection which will make you stand out on the night.

You Need To Get A Limo

One of the biggest myths that you will hear about prom is that you need to hire a limo to get there. This is not true – you can get there however you like. It might not be fashionable to have your parents drive you but if you can’t afford anything else then sometimes it’s the best option. There are also plenty of different ways that you can get to prom with party buses, taxis, and even a horse and carriage being an option if you fancy splashing a little more cash on this event. Limo entrances are often over-used so get creative and show up to your prom however you like.

It Must Be Expensive

Proms can be very expensive, but you don’t always need to be spending thousands to have the best possible night. Why not get a second-hand dress or borrow one from a friend? You could also save some money by doing your own hair and makeup on the night. Prom can be affordable if you know where to make some cuts. Think about your prom must-haves and make some sacrifices on the things that don’t make the list. Remember that expensive doesn’t always mean better and you will still have a great night regardless of how much you spend.

You Need To Bring A Date

The final myth that you might have heard about prom is that you need to bring a date with you. This is definitely not true, and you will find that lots of people are able to have a great night with a group of friends. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you’d like to take along as a date, then feel free to do this. The important thing to remember is that if it is causing your stress then you should just go alone, and you’ll still have a great time. On top of this, you won’t need to hang around with the same person all night if you go alone – you can spend time with all of your friends and have the best possible prom!

Final Verdict

Prom night is surrounded by so many myths that it can be easy to start to believe some of them. It is really important that you do what you want to do on your prom night and don’t follow the traditions if you don’t feel like bringing a date or arriving in a limo.

Go shopping and choose the perfect dress for you and don’t be afraid to stray away from the traditional gowns. You will love showing up to your prom with a dress that casts all eyes on to you. Make sure to take on board all of the advice that we have given you and you should be able to enjoy your prom.

Featured Photo by Amy Kate on Unsplash