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5 New-Age Careers in the Media Industry

Working in the media industry has been a coveted dream for many. This industry, renowned for being fast-paced, highly dynamic, and unforgiving in terms of competition, offers one of the most rewarding careers. Its foundation, which is communication in its myriads of forms, is also the foundation of civilization. And the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has paved the way for communication to permeate different mediums that weren’t given much thought earlier. Today, several technology-enabled new-age careers in the media industry are seeping in and may alter it permanently. 


Photography career in the media industry
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

What a paintbrush is in the hand of an artist, a camera is in the hand of a master-photographer – it’s not just about clicking photos, but about creating images. And what used to be mere leisure or hobby back then has today become a full-blown career option. Professional photography is divided into numerous exciting genres – wedding photography, portrait photography, product photography, fashion photography, travel photography, and so much more. 

Though no specialized degree is mandatory to become a professional photographer, a degree or diploma in fashion photography courses certainly helps. However, self-taught or otherwise, there are certain indispensable skills that a career in photography demands, such as knowledge of latest technologies – DSLR cameras, digital imaging, photo-editing, image manipulation; attention to details, excellent composition skills, marketing, and price setting, and legal knowledge of copyright laws.  Photography careers in the media industry have many opportunities in many different venues.

Web Content Development 

Building brand awareness is key to business success. To that end, crafting creative and informational content that uses the power of storytelling to offer critical insights into a brand’s story, vision, products, and services is a game-changer. This has given rise to a whole new, exciting career option – web content development. To help businesses navigate the changing business landscape, skilled content developers ought to put themselves into their readers’ shoes. The brand’s intent is their compass and the tools needed along the way are strong research skills, a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), adaptability of tone and style, command over the language, and diverse vocabulary.

Public Relations (PR)

Trust is the cornerstone of every successful relationship, and the one that exists between a brand and its customers is no different. Sending the right messages at the right time to the right people is vital to brand visibility and credibility, something a public relations specialist helps accomplish. To help create and maintain a favorable public image, a PR specialist writes media releases, raises funds for their organizations, and conducts PR programs. However, in today’s digital age, as more and more brands go online, customer engagement via social media channels is also a key PR role. As such, PR specialists of the future need skills such as solid oral and written communication, understanding of social media, multimedia, and creativity, among others. 

Radio Jockey 

Radio Jockey
Photo by Dmitry Demidov from Pexels

One’s voice is powerful, the magnitude of which is amplified when raised in the right direction. Hosting a talk show on the radio offers the exciting opportunity to channelize one’s voice humorously and entertainingly. Radio Jockeys or RJs do not show their face, but their impactful voice can cast a spell thousands of miles across. An RJ’s job includes playing appealing music and audio advertisements at regular intervals, raising topics of concern, designing interactive subjects, and engaging with callers over different digital media. Besides a degree in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management (RPBM), an RJ requires the following skills – ability to modulate their voice, clear diction, command over the language, crisp vocabulary, knowledge of music, and current affairs, amiable disposition, etc. 

Video Production 

Perhaps no other communication tool is as powerful as videos since they involve both audio and visuals. Designing immersive and informational video content that tug at the heartstrings is no less than a work of art. From the time of pre-production to mid-production to even the post-production stage, producing highly immersive videos for YouTube, Instagram, etc. requires honing skills like fierce attention to details, technical expertise, and good storytelling with a creative eye, among others. 

Media is indeed the most powerful entity in this world, and technology has opened newer avenues for this industry to flourish. The above-mentioned new-age career options are waiting to be explored by creative and daring minds that wish to test the media industry’s waters by obtaining careers in the media industry.