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5 Tips to Make your Business Cards Stand Out

Your business card is often a potential client or customer’s first impression of you and your business. Whether you hand your card out yourself or it gets passed along via friends, family, and colleagues, your potential client/customer will judge your business based on these cards and decide whether or not they want to contact you for more information.

Here are five tips that will help make your business cards stand out:

Simplicity is Key

simple business card

The most important aspect of your business card is the information itself. Your business cards must have three different kinds of information: your name, title, and how to contact you. Your title is important because it lets people know exactly what types of goods and/or services you offer. You don’t want to add too many images or design aspects that blur this information. If your title is something that is unique and you believe not many people would be able to tell what you do from the title alone, you can list your specific services on the back with bullet points.

Keep the front simple with just your name, title, and contact information so that when someone needs to reach you, they can find that information quickly. You’ll notice that many different types of business cards have a lot of empty space on the front so that the most important information can clearly stand out.


Make personal business cards that reflect your brand. Your brand helps people emotionally connect with the products or services you offer. If you have a logo, you should make sure to put it on your business cards so that people can recognize it when it’s in their wallet and they can more easily grab it.

Business cards are meant to be easy methods to find contact information for a certain product or service so that a person doesn’t have to find a computer and look it up themselves; all the information they need is right in their wallet wherever they go. When you add aspects of your brand, whether it’s a certain font, logo, or image, the person searching for your business card in your wallet can more easily distinguish it from the others.

Size Matters

The size of your business card is important. The size of your business cards can bring in more clients or lower your chances of finding potential customers. While many people choose to make business cards larger than the average size so that their cards stand out, you should make sure that your cards can fit in a wallet so that they’re easily carried. If you make your cards too big, people may have nowhere useful to keep them and end up throwing them in the trash or mixing them with unimportant papers.

Make sure that the average adult can keep your business card on hand so that it can be easily passed. If someone with your card ends up meeting another person who might need your business or services, the card can be given to the person who needs you.

Check it Twice

After you’ve completed designing your business card, take a break and come back to it so that you can double-check to make sure everything is just how you want it. If you’ve been reading and rereading the same information for a long period of time, it is easier to make mistakes that you don’t notice.

Something as simple as a typo can cost you business. If people notice a typo or mistake on your business cards, they will believe that you didn’t put much effort into your card, so you won’t put much effort into their needs. Make sure your name, title, and contact info is spelled correctly so that you can sit back and relax while your phone rings with potential clients. This will help save you money by keeping you from printing a batch of unusable business cards that provide inaccurate information and will be tossed into your nearest trash.

Review Samples

Review Samples

This can be your method of “checking it twice”. Before you begin printing mass amounts of cards, you should first get a sample of your business card sent to you for review. It’s much easier to spot mistakes when you have the card in-hand. You’ll also see how it will print and be able to decide if the paper quality is to your liking before you commit to ordering hundreds or thousands of a business card you don’t approve of.

Because your business cards are a personal reflection of you and your brand, you should always check your sample before placing a large order to make sure everything fits your expectations. Seeing and feeling the sample in-hand is a lot different from looking at it on a screen, so always order a sample before mass printing.

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