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5 Unique Gifts for Your New Dog Owner Friend

You and your bestie have been there for each other through it all. Breakups, relationships, new fitness regimes, college, and now pet ownership! Your friend has become a new dog owner. It is no doubt that they will have tons of questions, and they will turn to you for your bestie expertise. Since this will be a big learning experience for all parties involved, it’s time to start helping as much as you can. Get to reading articles about pet ownership, puppy-potty training, etc. We also know that part of friendship is spoiling your pals, and now you get to spoil their fur children. We are so excited for you!

We have put together a list of five unique gifts for your new dog owner friend.

1. Personalized Dog Bowl

Personalized dog bowl
Image by ariesa66 from Pixabay

Remember that time when your bestie turned 21, and you bought them a bedazzled cup for them to drink from. Well, getting their new pup a custom dog bowl from Yeti is basically the equivalent to that. It is a great way to help the new pup feel welcomed while getting hydrated, and they will look cute all at the same time. It is also great to take on the go for when they go on an adventure or when they come to visit you for the weekend. Feel free to customize it with their name or something like, “world’s cutest pup that I love so much.” 

2. Pet Canvas

In no time, your bestie’s phone background is going to go from a picture of you all out on the town to a picture of their pup. Help them to embrace this big photo change and get them a silly print of their dog in a costume, get their pup’s face on a mug, or go for a puppy pillow. CanvasPeople has the best customized pet gifts no matter what you are looking for, and they are guaranteed to be a big hit! Who doesn’t want to see their new pup dressed as Royalty? If someone doesn’t want that, then they probably aren’t your friend anyway. 

3. Subscription Box

A subscription box from Bark Box is a great way to help a new dog owner to get stocked up on new pup treats, toys, and accessories for their new pal, on a monthly basis! One of the best parts about this is that even if you are far away from them, you can send them directly to their door every month. If you are close enough, though, maybe have the box sent to your house! That way, when they come over, they have toys at your place, and you get to send them home with a doggy bag full of treats! This must be what being a grandparent feels like. Having all the fun, sending them home with gifts, but not having to clean up after anything daily. Oh, yeahhh.

4. Pet Camera

Picture of dog
Imagen de Ursel001 en Pixabay

If your friend got used to spending all their time with their new furry friend but has since had to go back to work at the office, a pet camera from Furbo is the perfect gift for them. In case your friend has separation anxiety from their new fur baby, Furbo will allow them to see their cutie at any point in time. Plus, it pops out treats to them to let them know they are being thought about. The pup will love it, and your friend will feel better about leaving them at home alone. Also, over 500 dogs have been saved because of Furbo cameras. The bark alerts have warned owners of home fires, dogs eating things they shouldn’t, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. This gift will really show your friend how much you care about them and their new furry family member. 

5. Active Toy

It is important to help aid in the dog’s proper exercise, especially since getting out isn’t as frequent as it once was. Yes, you can just buy a tennis ball, but that is plain and generic, which are two things that you are not. The Chuckit is the perfect way for the new pup to get some active time and learn how to fetch. Plus, it will tire them out quickly, and it helps them get all that pent-up energy out in the best way possible, running. 

Not that you will receive complaints about any of these gifts, but we guess the good news is that the doggo will love them all. Here’s to hoping their human does too!

Featured Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay