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5 Ways to Drink Less Coffee

Most people who love coffee LOVE coffee. Many brew lovers can drink coffee all day long. However, one must question if they should be drinking so much coffee. Too much caffeine isn’t great for anyone, so if you’re considering limiting your coffee intake, here are a few ways to drink less: 

Consider an alternative

Although it may take some time, you may want to consider replacing your coffee altogether with something healthier for your body, such as tea. The best white tea is something incredibly good for you, full of antioxidants, and known to be great for everything from your teeth to your blood sugar. 

While you don’t want to cut coffee out cold turkey, start incorporating white tea into your daily morning routine to start getting used to it. 

Add water to your coffee

While you probably like your coffee strong, whether you drink it with milk or creamer or completely black, a way to consume less of it is to add a bit more water to your brew. While it may not be as tasty, you can start limiting the intensity of your caffeine intake, especially if you’ve started to see coffee negatively affecting you. 

Use exercise to boost your energy

A common thing for coffee drinkers is to drink a second or third cup of coffee later in the day as they start to feel sleepy. Instead of reaching for that cup of coffee that will probably keep you awake, turn to an exercise routine for that kick of energy. 

This could be a full-blown workout at your online gym or a brisk 20-minute walk. Movement is a healthier way to find energy than drinking more coffee than what is good for your body. Studies have shown that the best time to work out is in the afternoon to beat the midday slump or first thing in the morning, so take advantage of this if you work from home.

Start reducing your coffee intake slowly

It’d be a different story if you had one cup of coffee a day, but the reality is it’s hard to limit their coffee intake. If you’re looking to minimize the intense effects of caffeine on your body, start reducing your coffee intake

However, you don’t want to cut it all out at once, as this can cause you to have some withdrawals, such as headaches. If you’re someone who drinks more than three coffees a day, you’ll want to start by slowly reducing your intake to two cups and then move on to one. 

Just drink espresso

A shot of espresso in a cute espresso cup is going to give you a way bigger boost of energy than a full cup of black coffee, and even more so if your typical cup of Joe is full of milk. Some people don’t love the flavor of espresso, but if you’re someone who drinks coffee for the effects, espresso is a perfect thing to get you going in the morning while helping you avoid drinking too much coffee. 

After an espresso or two, you may not even want more. A single-serve espresso machine can be helpful for you when you want to drink one or two espressos a day, and a Moka pot can also be a good idea. 

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Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

In Conclusion

When you love coffee, it can be a challenge to drink less, but it can also benefit your overall health. Whether caffeine is getting you too jittery or you’re looking for ways to lose weight and eliminate your lattes, there may be reasons why you want to start minimizing how many cups of coffee you drink daily—these tips can help you. 

Featured Image by Bayzid Islam Farib from Pixabay