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6 New Year Gifts That Could Make Kitchen Life So Much Easier

Markets are already brimming with New Year greetings and updated with new gifts for your loved ones. Surely, the list must be ready by now and you are busy hunting gifts for your loved ones on this New Year but this year, rather than classic gifts like flowers, cakes, and greeting cards, why don’t you give gifts that they will use round the year and will remember you with love and gratitude.  

When it comes to being useful, kitchen-related gifts are always a good idea because they can fit into every household and preference issue doesn’t come in the way of enjoying a seamless kitchen time. Every time a meal is prepped and served, you will cross the mind of the chef. Isn’t this what we want when we present our near and dear ones with something cool? Here are a few presents that will make them spend more time in the kitchen.

1. Air Purifier

A kitchen purifier is helpful to remove toxins in the air, so they don’t enter the meals that regulate the body’s functioning of the brain and heart during preparation. One cannot allow any airborne toxins in the area, and an air purifier will do the job seamlessly. Your attention to the well-being of the family will be taken into consideration, too, and they will be thanking you for such a wonderful gift.

2. A Personalised Mug

A mug with the name of your loved one it will make their morning coffee taste more delectable and bring a smile to their face. Pick their favorite shade and personalize it with their name, picture, or a quotation that is bound to steal their hearts. This New Year gift will receive special care throughout the years. 

3. Coffee Maker

Your friend who thrives on coffee beans can make up to 12 cups of coffee a day in a coffee maker. It will save the money they spend and also the time to blend the beans into a mug. No more hassles while preparing a cuppa to give a kick start to their lazy mornings. Let them pour a delicious drink in their personalized mug and enjoy life as it comes, each day, every day!

For a very dear friend and if there are no budget constraints, you can even gift a latte machine. That way, he would save even more on specialty drinks that you two would be drinking in a café. What’s more, you are not limited to just lattes as a latte machine can bring numerous other specialty drinks at the convenience of home.

4. Smoothie Maker

People tend to avoid healthy items because they tend to take much time, effort, and money to be prepared. Well, no more! Present them with a smoothie maker where all they do is toss in the ingredients, and it will blend them into a drinkable and delicious smoothie that could do wonders for their mental and physical health. Introduce them to the healthy lifestyle they always wished for!

5. Dough Kneader

Kneading the dough is one of the most difficult and boring jobs in the kitchen. It takes time, precision, and a lot of physical energy to get the soft bread for the day. Well, in the upcoming year, this kneader will do the job for them. Just add flour and water. While the machine is doing the work, there is more time for other chores. Before you know it, a soft dough will be ready to make chapatis that dissolve in the mouth!

6. Automatic Egg Boiler

It is as easy as it sounds! Plug in the machine, place the eggs on the holder, and a little bit of water. The eggs will be ready within minutes. It can boil up to seven eggs at a time and takes only a few minutes to do so. Once the eggs are properly boiled, the machine turns off the power, thus, saving electricity. If you are an eggetarian, this one is a game-changer for you!