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6 Reasons mobile apps are vital for the modern business environment

There is no doubt over the fact that the current business landscape is radically different than the traditional one. It is all about dynamism, convenience, and exploring endless possibilities. This is largely due to the multi-channel approach adopted by major business entities. Naturally, the small participants of the field also join the current.

The race to gain and conserve more customers is getting intense over time. But it’s also true that developing and launching an app can be a risky endeavor. It takes an average investment of $270, 000 to design and introduce an app.

However, the chances of it going unnoticed are still very high. In fact, a study suggests that two-thirds of mobile apps will fail to reach 1000 downloads in its first year. And even amongst those that score a download, there is a chance that 23% of the users will abandon them after a single-use.

These facts and numbers should not force you to throw away the idea of having an app for your business. Instead, these tell you how important it is to build a functional app that caters to the right audience. With correct planning and a clear picture, you can easily plug and play your app into the stores.

Still not convinced why modern business relies on mobile apps?

Let’s have a look at a few benefits that tag along with business app launch:

  1. Increases the Brand Awareness

It has become a routine for most of us to tap randomly through our smartphones when we are free. As per the latest survey, smartphone users spend 162 minutes on a bunch of mobile apps every day. Therefore, having an app in stores will enhance the chance for a business to gain visibility and exposure.  With your brand present in stores, people are going to notice and retain the images at a subconscious level.

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The only key is to come up with an app that stands out and has relevant features.

  1. Increases Sales

Expansion of sales is the main motive for most businesses out there. And mobile apps tend to do just that for the companies. They help them market their product, increase the sales of their products/services, and make better profits. For instance, take the example of Domino’s Pizza UK. They were able to increase their sales by 28% after the app came into the market.

The baseline is to make sure you are providing what your customers want. The virtual world is excessively competitive. People analyze every move of the companies.

  1. Enhances Customers’ Loyalty

You are practically in direct connection with your customers through the mobile app. Features like in-app purchases and push notifications are meant to ensure that communication with customers stands on strong grounds.

It is quite plausible to assume that every owner wants their business to make some noise. They aim to get enough attention and all of it in a positive spectrum. Strategies like paid ads, social media shout-outs, influencer videos, email marketing, and loyalty coupons are some useful tools. Also, positive feedback through forums like Airg reviews and all other such platforms is essential.

They help you to make a strong connection with your customers and ensure that you keep them in the loop at all times. You need to analyze and understand the process to Increase Customer Satisfaction Online for getting a better insight into this concept.

  1. Improves Social Media Connection

These days, social media stands as the biggest influencer on the reputation of your brand.  It is a platform you can use to establish a strong connection with your loyal customers as well as gain new ones.

A study revealed that most people log in to social media only to see what their friends are talking about. Hence, it’s vital to integrate social buttons on your app. Allow your customers to share their feedback, latest purchases, and remarks about your products. You can also integrate features like photo-sharing, in-app messages, comments, and credit sharing.

This approach will eventually push in increased customer engagement, retention, monetization, and repeated sales.

  1. Makes You Stand Out from the Rest

Mobile apps will help you take a big leap ahead of your customers. You can be the first one in your field to come with an app. Initially, people will presume this move to be a failing one if you are merely a small enterprise. However, your growth and improved reputation will knock off all the critics.

So launch a fairly reasonable app, associate it coherently with your business, and take a leading role among your peers.

  1. Tracks Valuable Analytics

A mobile app makes it possible for you to study your business metrics. You can track the behavior of customers on your app and integrate changes accordingly.

Andrew Daniels, Managing Director at Development Agency, Degree 53 puts it quite aptly: “Apps will often fail because they’re not meeting the needs of the target audience or because they’ve not researched simple things like the most used devices of the target audience”. It even states that if your customers are mainly Android users, and your app caters to iOS or vice versa, you have a problem.

If your app is not serving the audience in the right way, it is bound to go down the grid. Analytics data will enable you to understand the behavior of the users and adapt accordingly. Knowing your prospects is the key to success in all fields.

It is not quite easy to get all the data about demographics, interests, geolocation, and much more using online tools.

Closing Thoughts

Crafting your success story with a mobile app is a solution to all your business complications. It’s a medium that will allow you to rectify your image, retain and grow your customers as well as channel out into new avenues. It is okay to take risks and think out of the box. Things often turn out in favor of risk takers than those who stay back due to fear of failure.

If you have an excellent mobile app idea, do not leave it in the pipeline. Go ahead and uncover the virtual wonders for your business.

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Audrey Throne

Audrey Throne is the mother of a 3-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about lifestyle, business, automotive, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics.

Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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