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6 Spots Not to Miss During Your Next Deep Cleaning

If you are going to do something, do it right! We have all heard that saying before, and it rings true, especially when it comes to cleaning. Anybody can do a once over clean-up of a room and get that feeling of accomplishment. But the experts know how to get in there and not miss a single spot. Let’s take a look at a handful of places often missed by the everyday cleaner that should always be on your list during a deep clean.


The bathrooms in your house must be cleaned thoroughly for a variety of reasons. They can be the dirtiest rooms in your home, they are the one place everyone will visit eventually, and that is where you go to clean yourself as well. Some of the most important spots to hit are the shower door, behind the toilet, and believe it or not, your toothbrush holder. No one wants to see six months of toothpaste gunk while they are washing their hands for dinner.


Dirty Dishes
Image by Achim Thiemermann from Pixabay

The kitchen is generally the place people tend to congregate during a party or an event. While clean floors, countertops, and appliances are all great to show off, they will mean nothing if the sinks are full of half-rotting food, and the cabinets holding the dishes are full of dust. Clear out those cabinets and give them a good scrubbing and make sure your sinks sparkle as brightly as your countertops. Also, make sure the dishwasher is not full of dirty dishes.

While you’re in the kitchen, ask someone to help you pull the refrigerator out from the wall. You’ll be surprised by all of the dirt, dust, and debris that collects behind this appliance. If possible, just pull the refrigerator out far enough where you can get behind it and clean without having to unplug it.


Electronics like smartphones, remotes, tablets, game consoles, and computers are full of germs. Just think about all the people who touch them on a daily basis. It’s best to clean any electronics at least once a week since they get handled so much. When wiping them down, make sure to use disinfectant wipes and not just a rag with water on it. 


As we all know, dust is the never-ending irritant in our lives. No matter how clean we are, it will always return. That is why it is vital to be vigilant about combating dust in every room in the house. It is critical to dust from the corners of the ceiling to the HVAC ducts. Dust will form almost anywhere. That is why cleaning out all the crevices in the home is very important. You must clean the ceiling fans, ducts, televisions, tables, trim, and anything else that will accumulate it.

Heating and Cooling System

Another crucial spot to clean is in and around your heating and cooling system. Your furnace should be cleaned at least once a year, as well as your air conditioner. Because these appliances run on large amounts of power, it’s best to leave the cleaning in the hands of a professional. Having an HVAC contractor clean your heating and cooling system is also ideal because there are a lot of parts that can be easily broken. A professional will have the knowledge and tools to clean them without breaking any parts. 


Image by manbob86 from Pixabay

You spend a third of your life sleeping and doing so much more in the bedroom. Who doesn’t enjoy falling asleep to a good book? Aside from the usual cleaning of the sheets and vacuuming, there is more you can do to keep your bedroom a cleaner palace of rest. Cleaning deeper than your sheets is one thing. Get down to the mattress cover and, if need be, the mattress itself. Open those windows and check the tracks for dust, grime, and dead bugs. Finally, if your hamper is the floor, change that habit quickly!

A good deep clean takes time, energy, and attention to detail. However, if done right, you will have a sparkling home worthy of any party, get-together, or a quiet night in. That being said, you will never have a truly clean home unless you clean all the spots that get neglected. Cleanliness is one of the keys to happiness, so make sure you do it right!