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6 Tips to Turn Your Home into a Stress-Reducing Zen Oasis

Your home is the most important building in your life. It’s where you learn how to be yourself, where you spend the most time with the people you love, and where you feel the safest from the world. That’s exactly why your home needs to be an oasis. No matter how much you like your life and what you do, it’s normal to experience stress and tension throughout your days.

Your home can and should be the place to relax you and remind you of all the good things in your life. Don’t let the stress and negativity in your life take over your home. Learning how to harness the Zen powers of your home will help you get ahead in life and always stay in a decent and relaxed mood.

1. Be one with nature

Focusing on the outdoor spaces of your home is also essential in order to harmonize your oasis. You can be one with nature only when you truly embrace it. That’s why your garden or backyard shouldn’t be all wilted and empty. Introduce nice colours to the outdoor space, make it more inviting, and focus on natural textures and comfy furniture. You can also add some things to invite nature’s critters to the premises. For example, your garden or backyard could do with a birdbath or bird feeders, as well as a few toad houses.

You can also add some shade to make your outdoor space more comfortable. This way, you won’t have to put up with the annoying and persistent sun all the time. You’ll ensure that you’ll enjoy every part of the day fully, regardless of how long you’ve already been outside. If you opt for a retractable kind of shade, you can have even more control over the outdoors and enjoy the weather on your terms. This means that you can spend a relaxing afternoon in the sun. As well as that, you can shade the area when the weather’s not nice or when it’s raining and still have an amazingly relaxing day.

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2. Colour me perfect

There’s no doubt that colour influences our moods and how relaxed or tense we are in our own homes. Sometimes, it could be the colour of your rooms that’s making your home look and feel more depressing than it actually is. If you want something to change, you should definitely update the colour on your walls. Your oasis is only one paint job away. One of the best ways to choose the new colours is according to the effect you’re hoping to achieve.

Green, for example, is very soothing for the eyes and is usually associated with growth. Yellow is the epitome of happiness and joy, while blue can evoke deep feelings of relaxation. You should probably stay away from lavender and purple, as these colours tend to make you more depressed when you’re constantly surrounded by them, no matter how pretty they are.

3. Let there be light

A dark and gloomy home is guaranteed to make you depressed. You are like a little flower that needs plenty of natural light to blossom into something beautiful. You should actively work on introducing more natural light to your home. With natural light comes the tranquillity you’ve been searching for. The light has the power to open up your home and make it seem bigger than it is. As well as that, it’s much healthier for you as it lifts your mood and gives you a needed energy boost.

Artificial lighting can in no way replace natural light. This is because long exposure to artificial light gives you headaches, can cause eye problems and makes you drowsy and sleepy instead of relaxing you and waking you up in a healthy and natural way.

4. Plant it up

Plants are the homeowner’s best friend. Not only do they make your home look better, but they’re also very good for your mental and physical health. Plants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you can easily find the right fit for any part of the house that needs some planting up. From plants that go in the corner of the room to those little ones that fit the surface of your desk, you can easily find the perfect fit. If you want to up the Zen factor even further, make sure to choose plants that are primarily green. This is a very calming colour you’ll enjoy resting your eyes on.

Plants are also great because they produce a lot of oxygen. What this means for you is that you’ll be breathing fresh and clean air constantly. More oxygen guarantees optimal cognitive function as your brain will constantly be getting the supplies it needs to work well thanks to your blood flow.

5. Home spa bathroom? Yes, please!

When was the last time you went to a spa? A relaxing massage, the charms of the steam room, and the effects of the aromatic fragrances are enough to make anyone fall into a relaxation coma. Let your mind breathe and your body float thanks to all the relaxing spa treatments. Even just showering under a nice high-quality rain shower can have the positive effects you’ve been searching for.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion just to feel the soothing effects of the spa any longer, though. With bathroom home renovation planning, you’ll get the spa retreat bathroom you deserve fairly easily. From the visual effects to the functions your bathroom offers, you’ll have it all. This way, every time you go take a shower will feel like an exhilarating spa experience.

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6. With the snap of the fingers, all the clutter disappears

No matter how organized you are as a person, you can’t deny the clutter in your home. If you’ve lived in one place for a long time, it’s only natural for a lot of things to accumulate over time. Whether it’s excessive décor or souvenirs of the places you’ve been to or anything in between, you’ll be drowning in it pretty soon. Clutter is bad because it makes the house feel smaller and borderline claustrophobic.

If you want your home to be more relaxing, you should definitely clean up the clutter. It’s hard cleaning up even when you know something’s clutter because you may have formed a sentimental attachment but it’s very important to have a clean living space if you want a stable mental and emotional health. If you’re worried about less clutter making your home look emptier, you can always turn to styles such as minimalism. This way you’ll really get to see the charm of “less is more” and enjoy the freeing sensation that comes with a de-cluttered home.


As you can see, there are many ways you can decorate your home in order to make it more stunning a peaceful. You’ll be able to create a nurturing and relaxing effect fairly easily with the tips above. Having a home that’s designed to relax you and give you only positive vibes is the dream of many. We’re confident that your home will give you everything you need if you bring out its best features and learn how to harness the tranquillity it surely possesses.

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