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7 Fall Fashion Trends for Men and Women

We are stepping into Fall 2021, and as such, it’s time to review seasonal trends. One thing to keep in mind that will be sprinkled throughout this list is the value of classics. After all, some things never go out of style, so it’s important to integrate these with items that are on-trend to strike a beautiful balance between modern and timeless style. Let’s get started.


Pockets are in! Everything from pocket-laden overcoats to storage-filled cargo pants. And while the relaxed fit and less tailored trend will be continuing into this season, the cargo pants of 2021 are slimmer fit and more streamlined in shape. One thing is for sure, if you’re dressing based on this trend, you’ll never be without a pocket for your phone, wallet, and keys. It comes in handy for keeping your hands warm during chillier weather too. 


Let’s be honest: most of us have been working from home in loungewear and athletic clothes. As you venture out (safely) to socialize or return to the office, it’d be a far jump to get into a tailored suit, which is why men’s and women’s skinny jeans are high on our trend list for fall 2021. Denim is a classic look, and this season a skinny fit jean with a dark or mid wash is exactly what you need to feel effortlessly stylish leaving home. Plus, you’ll look good doing it. 

Skinny jeans
Photo by Liza Summer : Pexels


There are several trends influenced by the pandemic that will likely stick around. Working from home really changed grooming habits for most people, especially for men. And since facial hair will be a significant trend for guys this fall, it’s essential to reestablish some basic grooming protocols so that you don’t step out of the house looking like you don’t care about your appearance. 

Belts and Suspenders

Thankfully, sagging pants are not a resurgent trend. However, with the continued themes of more relaxed and untailored fits, it’s important to have good accessories to create office-friendly looks. An argument can be made for the superiority of suspenders over belts. However, having a high-quality belt is one of those classics to keep in your closet so you can easily accessorize and dress up your look. This is especially a good idea if you need to dress up your look and you’re in a rush.


Jewelry isn’t just for women! And this season, timeless jewelry pieces for men and women are in style. It’s important to not overdo it with pieces like this since there’s an art to the layering of jewelry into an outfit. There are lots of options, too: beaded bracelets support a more casual look, woven metals and chains create a greater air of elegance when worn appropriately, and pendants can serve as a more expressive piece to represent your own personal style. 


Women’s and Men’s boots are a staple in fall trends every year. Classic shapes, like the Chelsea boot, have enduring style, and they definitely deserve a space in your wardrobe. The beauty of a well-made boot is that it will last you several seasons and can be worn in a casual setting or with a dressier outfit. This flexibility is what earns them a place in the list of must-haves each fall. 


At this stage of the pandemic, there are different ideas about masks and personal preferences. It is worth noting that masks are trendy; most major designers have created beautifully designed reusable masks. Masks don’t need to be an afterthought as you leave the house. In fact, it’s much more stylish to integrate a mask into your overall outfit, pairing them based on color, pattern, or material.  

covid mask
Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay

The past two years have been a roller coaster. The pandemic has affected so much of our life, including how often we dress up and present ourselves to others. It’s not shocking that this global event would also influence style trends. So, if you are going out this fall, keep in mind the classics most on-brand this fall and the newer trends to ensure you look fashionable this season.

Featured Youngderek619, via Wikimedia Commons