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7 Pro Travel Tips You Absolutely Need to Know

It seems like everyone wants to travel more these days. The travel industry is buzzing with thousands – if not millions – of new travellers exploring various destinations across the globe. The social media revolution has even sparked interest in becoming a full-time traveller or travel influencer.

Despite the thrills of exploring new destinations and enjoying the best things they have to offer, travelling is not without its hassles. In fact, many travellers don’t really enjoy the process of getting to the destination and returning home.

Worry not, because making the entire travel experience more convenient and immensely enjoyable is actually easier than you think. We spoke to seasoned travellers and compiled a list of top seven travel tips to get you started with travelling like a pro.

Give Yourself Time

Give Yourself Time

The last thing you want is having to rush through things because you don’t have enough time. This applies to every part of the trip from start to finish. Having to rush through security at the airport is just as cumbersome as being forced to move to the next holiday attraction due to the lack of time.

As you plan for the trip, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. It is better to arrive at the airport early than late. You can spend the extra time in a coffee shop while watching a movie or download some for the flight.

The same can be said for your travel itinerary. Make sure you don’t end up packing too many destinations, activities, or attractions into your itinerary. You want to explore every part of the destination, I know, but that doesn’t mean you have to visit every attraction in one trip.

Start Right

The start of the trip is more important than you realize. When you start the trip with a rush to the airport, an issue with your flight, or the hassle of clearing security checkpoints, you know you’ll be in a bad mood when you finally board the plane. That’s certainly not how you want the vacation to begin.

Instead of risking a late pick-up, drive to the airport instead. Airport parking is a lot better than it once was, plus you can now book a parking spot or valet parking beforehand. When flying out of Birmingham, for example, you can use to book parking at Birmingham Airport for your car. It’s a far more relaxed start to your holiday.

Apply the previous tip and arrive at the airport early. You can check in earlier and wait in the lounge rather than queuing with other passengers. You can also take your time as you go through airport security, so you don’t have to get into arguments or feel rushed at all.

Pack Plenty of Entertainment

If you have a long flight – anything more than four hours – make sure you pack plenty of entertainment with you. Many travellers now turn to Nintendo Switch as a travel companion simply because it is compact enough to use during the flight. Android and iOS games, especially games that can be played offline, are great too.

Most streaming apps allow you to download the movies and TV series you want to watch, so you can have as many as you like for the flight. You no longer have to rely on the (rather expensive) in-flight Wi-Fi service to binge-watch your favourite series.

Books are great too, especially since you can now bring hundreds of titles on a Kindle. Digital books really make traveling with books more convenient. Pick up a Kindle eBook reader if you don’t already have one and finish the titles you’ve been meaning to read while enjoying a nice flight to your travel destination.

Pack the Right Accessories

Some travel accessories make traveling more convenient. The first thing you want to add to your carry-on bag is a power bank. Get one that is big enough for your devices, but not too big that you can’t carry it on board. A power strip is also useful for when you need to charge multiple devices in a coffee shop or your hotel room.

Earplugs are also great for travellers. You can sleep better during the flight. You also don’t need to feel the discomfort of pressure changes as the airplane takes off and lands. Don’t just get any pair of earplugs either. You want a pair of professional-grade foam earplugs. This type of earplug can block more than 30db of noise; they are affordable too!

You may not consider wearing a waist bag on a regular day, but this type of bag is more useful than you think when traveling. You can also wear a running pack like a FlipBelt for more convenience. The purpose of wearing one is so that you can store your cash, your wallet, your passport, and other travel essentials with you at all times, especially when exploring the destination.

Pack Your Carry-On Right

Speaking of packing the right accessories, it is also important to know how to pack your carry-on. Some items belong in the checked in bag, while other, more essential items must be within reach at all times. Pro travellers always have their laptop, their camera gear, their passport and documents, their wallets, and their meds in the carry-on bag.

Other items you can add to this packing list are sunglasses, sunscreen, and a bottle of water. Carry a tumbler so you don’t have to resort to buying bottled water every time you need to repack your carry-on.

The type of bag you use matters too. A messenger bag is convenient and offers plenty of room, but the bag may be too heavy to wear comfortably on one shoulder when you have a lot of items to carry. Backpacks, on the other hand, are better suited for prolonged use. A 20L daypack is highly recommended.

Pre-Do Everything

The more you can do before the trip, the more convenient the trip will be. Web check-in is a good example of how you can save time and skip waiting in long queues altogether. Most airlines now have their own apps, making online check-in even easier and more accessible.

If you still use an old passport, upgrade it to a biometric passport before the trip. You can get through immigration faster with a biometric passport. Other countries also have special lanes for e-Passport holders.

As the airplane prepares to land, fill in your immigration form. Don’t wait until you land to do it. Have everything ready too since you’ll be able to clear immigration faster this way. The sooner you can clear immigration, the faster you can get to that dream beach you’ve been wanting to visit.

Master the Art of Packing

Art of Packing

The best way to travel is traveling light. The fewer bags you have to bring, the more convenient the entire trip will be. Mastering the art of packing is how you can do that.

Yes, packing is now an art form. Professional and seasoned travellers can pack everything they need for a 2-week trip into a small luggage that fits in the overhead compartment. With a bit of practice, you can too!

Compression is how you get to pack more items into a relatively small bag. You also need to plan better for the trip. This way, you know which items you need to bring and which you can buy at the destination.

Utilize the seven pro travel tips covered in this article and you will find traveling to be much more enjoyable. For more travel tips and tricks, stay tuned right here on Todayz News.

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