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7 Things That Make Australia An Absolute Blast

Australia is a challenging destination to reach no matter where you may be from. But the fact that it remains on many people’s list of tourism priorities despite this fact tells you a thing or two about just how wonderful it is. From the cities to the beaches, from natural allure to man-made attractions, it’s a big, beautiful country teeming with fun things to do for travelers. So, rather than focusing on a single specific destination, I want to look more broadly at some of the top things that make Australia an absolute blast to visit.

1. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

If one attraction stands above all the rest in Australia, it’s the Great Barrier Reef off the northeastern coast. While it’s true that climate change and human impact have caused substantial harm to the reef, it’s still one of the most amazing underwater destinations on the Earth, and calls to divers from all around the world. What many don’t realize however is that there are other renowned diving spots in Australia as well, such as the Ningaloo Reef and the Neptune Islands, to name a few. Altogether, the variety coupled with the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef make scuba diving arguably the best thing about traveling to Australia.

 2. Wildlife

You’ll see plenty of exotic creatures if you travel to Australia and try scuba diving, as you may expect. However, it should still be mentioned that the country is famous for all kinds of additional wildlife as well. Kangaroos, koala bears, dingos, great snakes, penguins, and more all populate the island, and can be viewed both in their natural habitats and in some of the big cities’ zoos.

3. Beach Variety

It’s no accident that most of Australia’s noteworthy destinations and big cities are near the coast. Between these coastal areas and several prominent islands just offshore, primarily to the south and east, the country has an incredible number of beaches that can take your breath away. Bondi Beach near Sydney is the most famous of them all, but from the shores on Fraser Island and Lizard Island to Broome’s Cable Beach and Wineglass Bay, the options can seem nearly unlimited in quality and quantity alike. Be sure and visit different beaches that make Australia an absolute blast of an experience.

4. Sports

Australia loves its sports. Aussie Rules football, football, cricket, tennis, horse racing, basketball, and rugby are all legitimately popular all throughout the country. In the cities you can find local clubs, major stadiums, and passionate fans. And even if you’re not right in the thick of the sports scene, the nationwide betting scene and fan networks keep people tapped in from pretty much anywhere. So, if you happen to like sports, it’s pretty easy to fall in love with this specific aspect of the culture.

5. National Parks

It’s an easy thing to say about countries around the world, but Australia really is just about overflowing with natural beauty. It’s nearly a problem from a travel perspective because it makes it incredibly hard to narrow down the sightseeing you might want to do. That said, if you’re simply looking for a place to start, the national parks should be looked into. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park includes the jaw-dropping rock formation known widely as Ayers Rock; Daintree National Park features a legitimate rainforest that extends right up to the nearby sea; Kakadu National Park is home to waterfalls and watering holes, comprising the biggest park in the country; and Blue Mountains National Park may still be the prettiest of the bunch.

6. Sydney Highlights

I don’t want to simply recommend a city, let alone the most famous one in the country, but there really is something magical about Sydney. Few cities in the world are as big, beautiful, unique, and friendly all at once. Additionally, Sydney happens to have a few of the true highlight attractions in the country – namely, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the nearby Opera House. Both are even more extraordinary in person than in photos or on postcards, so you may want to factor in a trip into town to see them up close, and perhaps to stay a night at one of Sydney’s incredible hotels.

7. Activities In The Air

air balloon rides

There are actually several ways you can have a good time above Australia, so to speak. I say this simply because there are skydiving and bungee opportunities, parasailing adventures, hang gliding, and most notably hot air balloon rides, in many parts of the country. All of these activities can give you an adrenaline rush coupled with extraordinary views. And the hot air balloon rides over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley in particular are becoming somewhat legendary.

Get your bags packed and ready for the experience of a lifetime discover the things that make Australia an absolute blast!

Featured Image by sandid from Pixabay