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7 Things You Can Gift to Your Superbly Talented Child

Parents always strive hard to provide their kid’s with the best of everything; be it love, care, education, finance, and healthy habits. All these gestures are linked involuntarily and unconditionally with parenthood.

Still, your child needs a personal and emotional space to do things at will, free from all judgements, and material concerns or gains. If you have a superbly talented child, it is your responsibility as a parent, to create a nurturing environment to upgrade his/her talents. You can do this by choosing smart and meaningful gifts for your child, like:

  1. Music Lessons

It is probably one of the best gifts for young children, just when they are in their pre-teen phase. It is an amazing gesture to gift them a musical instrument of choice (based on his/ her interest) or enrol them in music classes in your locality.

But remember that all good things begin from home. Encourage your child to try out few different instruments before deciding on what he/she likes best. You can make your child play the instrument during family gatherings. Creating and uploading a YouTube video is another example to boost your child’s confidence.

  1. A Good Digital Camera

If your kid possesses the natural talent of clicking pictures, don’t waste this special ability. Photography is a passion, so let your child learn and hone his/her natural creativity by gifting a camera. This can be followed by planning a family holiday together to seek new (subjective) interest.

However, gifting a camera is half-job done. You need to encourage your kid to sharpen his/her photography skills, by providing a canvas. For doing so, you could enrol them for training, or encourage them to join a photography tour, or help them participate in talent-based competitions.

  1. Enrol him/her for Sports Coaching

Kids are fond of sports. And with so many options around, parents need to show the willingness and support to raise a sportsperson in the family.

kids Sports Coaching

For doing so, take them to a sports club, encourage them to practice more, watch more sports channels and have a friendly discussion with them on the game of their choice. All these efforts will increase their inquisitiveness, and further shape their interest.

You can gift him/her a sports equipment and enrol in a professional training institute to help play and practice. Sports is a big career opportunity today, and if your child has the talent, he/she should be motivated to give it a shot.

  1. Adventure Holidays

The next in the list is an adventure holiday. Frequent travels and adventure-based holidays allow your child to bond with nature. It also boosts their confidence, while giving them a feeling of independence and self-initiative.

Moreover, adventure holidays provide them with the right physical exposure and train them mentally. For instance, rock climbing or trying bungee jumping will make them stronger by increasing their stamina and reducing their fears.

  1. Seminars by Prominent Personalities

Many local events aid your child to learn and grow better. Listening to expert talks can help create a wider and deeper understanding of the subject.

If your child is good in science, you can enrol them for a ‘live discussion’ by an academic expert so that he/she develops a further view-point on that topic.

Most of these sessions are interactive in nature, and young and enthusiastic participants are often noticed during the session conduct. It might just open a new world of possibilities for your child.

  1. Annual Budget

Make your children responsible and educated in mastering their life from the beginning. Real-time tutoring will make your kids more confident and aware of the importance of earning money in life and spending or investing it wisely too. By involving them in household expenses or other financial details of the family, you can make them aware of the realities of life.

The basic principles of accountancy can be taught to them by including them in household budgeting. You can discuss managing expenses, by preparing an expense sheet listing how your income is distributed and what expenses need to be incurred. Involving them in a travel budget is also a good idea.

  1. Investment Education (BSE, NSE Certifications)

Investments are an important part of your life and should also be a friendly choice in your children’s life. By taking the decision to enrol them in investment certified course, you are teaching them the basics (of money and finance) in life ahead. When they start earning, they will be more aware of- how, why and what- to invest.

Education on investment will be an eye-opener for your children. They will learn the fundamentals of putting money aside for investments and more importantly, about compounding money.

Be Financially Prepared to Fulfil Your Child’s Dreams

Being futuristic of your family’s financial goals is crucial.  Furthermore, it is your foremost duty to take care of your children’s special goals in life. There is no better way to secure their talent and future than securing a special savings plan so that you never fall short of their expectations.

The only, and probably the most important in the list of specialised gifts for your child is- child savings plan. A child saving plan is an insurance plus savings plan that offers guaranteed benefits allowing you to secure your child’s future by providing financial protection through life cover.

This plan provides financial support to your children to continue with life even when you are not there. So, invest wisely in a child savings plan now.


While you make up your mind to gift your child any of the above things, also make sure to invest and secure his/her future.

The process of raising your child into a confident adult can be a long and demanding one. To ensure that this journey is smooth, you need to plan finances in advance. Only then you can ensure that all your child’s dreams will be met!

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