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7 Tips for Nourishing Dry and Flaky Skin

The list of causes for dry and flaky skin is nearly endless, with everything from diet to habits to environmental factors potentially being responsible. While determining the exact reason for why your skin isn’t dewy at the moment might be a headache, giving it the nourishment it needs doesn’t have to be. 

In fact, there are many effective methods and treatments that you can use to accomplish your skincare goals. The right solutions can banish dryness for good when it comes to hydration. Here are seven tips to help you do just that. 

Try Natural Remedies

If you prefer to stay away from products that contain artificial ingredients or chemicals, natural remedies are worth considering. Aloe vera, for example, is commonly used as a plant-based moisturizer and can be mixed with oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. These options are also suitable for treating conditions like acne and eczema. 

You can also try applying a creamy avocado mask with a tablespoon of honey for an added cleansing effect. A fruit enzyme cleanser is a great way to scrub off dry skin and flakes, which uses alpha-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the top layer where there are dead skin cells. 

Exfoliate Sparingly

As useful as exfoliating cleansers and scrubs can be, it’s important not to overdo it. Too much exfoliation can damage the moisture barrier on the top layer of your skin, further aggravating dryness and irritation. If you find scrubs to be on the harsher side, check out chemical-based products (also called acids) instead.  

Shave Carefully

Many people experience dryness, flakiness, and tightness after shaving. This can be due to either your shaving technique or the products you’re using. It can also be your skin type, as shaving can be particularly damaging for those with more sensitive skin. There are a few solutions here. 

You can try being gentler with your razor or opting for products designed with sensitivity in mind. If those options are to no avail, consider laser hair removal, as this will mean that no more shaving is necessary. 

Avoid Hot Showers

Another factor that’s particularly conducive to dryness is hot water. While certainly a soothing experience, hot showers are not good for your skin. They cause excess evaporation that saps your skin of the moisture it needs. You can further improve this by using skin-calming products with plant-based oils such as soybean. 

Humidify Your Home

During winter, the heat that keeps your rooms cozy is also very dry, especially if you keep the windows closed, as this traps air inside and reduces moisture. A humidifier can help maintain proper moisture levels in your home. It’s advised that you keep it running overnight. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water throughout the day is just as essential to your skin as it is to every other aspect of your health. There’s no need to guzzle gallons, though sticking to water can make all the difference as sugary drinks are also harmful to your skin. Keep a bottle with you throughout the day if you struggle to remember to drink enough. Having water readily available makes it easier to stay hydrated and ensures that your skin remains nourished and moisturized. And when it comes to achieving optimal hydration, IV Hydration NY can be a game-changer. IV hydration therapy offers a convenient and effective way to replenish your body’s fluids and provide essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. With this innovative therapy, you can give your skin the hydration boost it needs, leaving it looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and radiant.

Apply a Night Cream

night cream
Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

There are two approaches to a bedtime skincare routine. Some people prefer to let their skin breathe while they sleep. However, if you’re contending with regular dry and flaky skin, it’s best to find a night cream to apply before bed. Your skin is in repair mode when you sleep, and the right night cream can allow the active ingredients in the product to optimally perform their job and restore your skin. 

The right skincare routine can go a long way in keeping your skin hydrated. With the tips mentioned above in place, you can expect to see a major improvement in due course. 

Featured Image by ToraChu on Pixabay