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8 Refreshing Ways to Enjoy an Adult Beverage This Summer

Summer is coming, and with summer comes so many fun events and delightful menus. You’ll probably go to a cookout or two, spend some time at the beach or lake, and maybe even take a little trip. You’ll spend a little extra time with close family and friends. And who doesn’t want to responsibly enjoy an iced cold adult beverage when you’re relaxing? Here are some fun options that you may not have even considered.

Fruit Salad

Make sure the kids can’t get to the spiked fruit salad, but adding a little liquor to your cut fruit is a fun way to enjoy your favorites. There’s nothing like a little vodka in watermelon, strawberry, orange, blueberry, and pineapple fruit salad. While some would dump a whole bottle in the salad, just a few shots mixed in a large bowl of it should be more than enough. Mix your liquor into the fruit salad about 30 minutes before serving. Give it a good stir to make sure all the fruit gets coated and submerged.


Summer is a great time to get tons of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. It’s also a great time to start juicing. If you want to get all those nutrients and a little extra to help you relax, you can easily add a little white wine, vodka, or another mild-flavored spirit to your juice and create a delicious adult beverage. Think of it as a bloody Mary, but instead of using tomato juice, you use whatever creation comes out of your juicer.


Try your favorite cocktail but frozen. Some people like to turn them into popsicles or slushies. Did you know you can also buy pre-made frozen vodka pops if you want a simpler solution? Just make sure you keep these separate from the kids’ freeze pops. The flavor options are infinite. It’s easy to create a summer treat that includes all your favorite adult flavors and ingredients. 

With a Side of Lime

Lime screams summer. It really does. Adding lime to your chilled wine or beer makes it better. The fruit has a way of adding extra flavor and giving a refreshing feeling. Plus, the tart flavor of the lime helps cleanse your palette and enhances the flavors of the drink.  


There are at least 1 million ways to make a drink. Summer cocktails are some of the most fun to create. The blends of island fruit flavors, colorful juices, and exotic creations make this an endless opportunity. Use this summer to try new creations or to make your own. You’ll have fun being creative and enjoy a refreshing drink as well.  

Chilled in a bottle

Keep your drinks chilled in the fridge this summer. That way, you’ll always have one ready for when friends come over, or you want to enjoy one yourself. This goes great for hard ciders, lemonades, punches, and even wine coolers. You can also enjoy your favorite beer chilled as well. If you don’t have them cooled already, just 30 minutes in a bucket of ice can do the trick. If you want your ice extra cold, then add rock salt to the


Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

People love smoothies. If you want a new way to enjoy your daily smoothies, add a little something extra to your afternoon or evening blend. A quick shot of vodka can boost your smoothie in a fun way. Think fruit, a little bit of vodka, your favorite greens, a little juice, and blend until smooth. You don’t want to use milk-based liquids because the alcohol will make the milk curdle. Experiment with this new way of boosting your healthy smoothies and create an adult beverage.

Spiked Slurpees

You know those tasty Slurpees and Icees you get from the gas station? Make your own at home. Simply freeze your favorite juice in cubes and then blend it once frozen. Add a little alcohol, and voila! Instant and easy spiked Slurpees. Put it in a tall glass and enjoy it with friends. You’ll want to have straws on hand for drinking and keep the final creation out of reach of children.

It’s easy to enjoy adult beverages all summer long. You never need to have the same thing twice, and you can easily add new recipes and ideas to your list. As an occasional treat, it’s a simple way to ease stress and enjoy life with others.

Featured Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels