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8 Things A New or Kansas City Chiefs Fan Should Know

While the Chiefs have not been at the top of their game for seasons on end, no one can argue that they are doing spectacularly well this season. They are definite conference division favorites, and we can see why, with one of the highest win-loss rates in the league. 

Right up there this season with the Bills and the Eagles, it is going to be an intense postseason, and we are certain the Chiefs will be playing a big part of it. 

However, the team and how well the team does is not the only thing that matters. You should always consider the fans, too, because the fans make magic happen. The fans have a massive impact on the team and the team’s overall performance.

If you are a newbie to the Chiefs and want to know all the important Chiefs’ intel before you start calling yourself a true fan, you stopped in the right place! 

#1. The Chiefs Fans Have Marketing Power

Fans of any game have a lot of power, especially in groups. You will surely know this if you have ever sat in a stadium and heard the relentless chanting of fans in support of their team. 

The beauty of being a football fan is that no matter where you are, be it a different state, country, or wherever, if you come into contact with another fan, there is a connection, and they become family. 

Fans are also a goldmine for marketers. With loyalty, emotional binding, and endurance, they are the key audience any business wants, and they help the NFL market itself. We would be remiss if we said that the Chiefs fans weren’t one of the most relentless out there! 

#2. There Are 4 Types Of Chiefs Fans

If you are a Chiefs fan, you are one of 4 types. 

You may be a die-hard fan, supporting the Chiefs since their youth, or your own. You stick with them in their losing and winning seasons and take every opportunity to tell your ‘CHIEFS’ battlecry. 

You could be a football encyclopedia-style fan. You are:

  • Basically a walking wiki page about the Chiefs.
  • Knowing everything, the plays, numbers, and stats.
  • Having all the data. 

You might be a party planner type. Maybe you are not the biggest football fan or know much, but you love the energy, excitement, and family vibe of being a Chief’s fan.

Finally, you could be a scorned fan from St. Louis. The Chiefs are a place where these fans place loyalty.

#3. The Longest Stretch Without A Championship Victory 

The Chiefs had a 50-year Super Bowl drought. Their playoff chances sucked, and it took 50 years for them to get back a win in Super Bowl LIV, with their last being in Super Bowl IV!

#4. Derrick Thomas’ Sacks

Derrick Thomas holds an NFL record for the most sacks in a game, with seven sacks against the Seahawks QB Dave Krieg. They lost to the Seahawks that day, but the defense was killer! 

#5. They Are Not Even Worth That Much! 

Sure, the Chiefs are one of the best teams. However, they aren’t even in the league’s top half regarding value. They’re actually the 24th most valuable, valued at $2.3 billion.

#6. A Medical Doctor Has Played For Them! 

Lineman Laurent Duvernay completed medical school and is actually the first-ever doctor to play in the NFL, and he is a Chief! Quite cool, and perhaps a saving grace for the offensive line! 

#7. The First Black Middle Linebacker In The NFL

In the 1967 Draft, the Chiefs selected Willie Lanier, and he ended up becoming the team’s first black middle linebacker, as well as the entire league’s first black linebacker. 

He came forward to state how proud he was that he played a part in breaking down barriers and revolutionizing the position. 

He played 11 seasons with the Chiefs and is now in the Football Hall of Fame.

#8. AFC West Belongs To Them!

Since 2015, the Chiefs have had a great record against their AFC West opposition and have dominated this position for a long time. 

Although the Chargers are doing alright this year, the rest of the AFC West is not quite as hot as the Chiefs. The Broncos did have a 5-year winning streak before them, but Kansas City has dominated every AFC West title from 2016 and on, making their current record seven consecutive titles. 

If they win the AFC West again this year in the upcoming playoffs (very likely), they will take home their 8th Division title in a row. 

It is highly likely they will, as on Saturday, January 21st, they will face the Jaguars, who have a lower win-loss rate at 9-8, whereas the Chiefs have 14-3. 


Being a fan of the Chiefs is awesome, and we love it. The Chiefs are a highly successful team right now, so they are a good place to put your money. We are sure they will slay the divisionals again this year! 

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