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A Day in The Life of a KIA Seltos User

When you own a car that exudes style as well as sportiness, driving it each day is a pleasure. Not only that, having such a car inflates your pride and makes you feel nothing less than a celebrity yourself. Ask a KIA Seltos user, and they will relate to this feeling, all the way. 

KIA, the Korean automobile manufacturer, launched its first car, the KIA Seltos, this year in India. Soon after its first advertisement was released, KIA Seltos got everyone hooked with its ultra-stylish and badass appeal. So, if you’re a Seltos user, you must have fallen in love with the beauty, at the very first sight, finally bringing the car home one day. But that’s not where the story ends. It is where the story, the love affair begins! 

A Love Affair That Lasts

Just a look at KIA Seltos, majestically standing in the driveway, is enough to make you brim with a sense of exhilaration. The classy black and hyper silver garnish give Seltos a scintillating appeal, which is further enhanced by the well-crafted front and rear skids. As a proud owner, when you take a look from the front side at your prized possession, the KIA signature tiger-nose grill will resonate with the badass and bold attitude in you. It sounds like a besotted lover gazing at his beloved, with a sense of ownership.

As you unlock the car, the interiors welcome you to an ambiance of luxury and perfect comfort. The smart headlining and the premium fabric reclining seats, together with an airy cabin, create enough room for you to revel before starting on the incredible journey that lies in store with Seltos. 

Sets Your Mood Right

Once seated, Seltos will not just please you with its magnetic charm, but also ensure that you enjoy every moment while driving through even the most jam-packed roads. When it’s about finding your way through the streets, Seltos, with its 26.03 cm touchscreen navigation system, will aid you like a perfect companion. The Bose premium eight-speaker system will make the music lover in you experience the joy of music to its best. Moreover, its roominess will give you the comfort of enjoying ample boot space, allowing you to sit in your favorite driving position.

Like a true lover understands and adjusts, Seltos ambient and LED sound mood light can make every ride perfect for you. Also, whenever you want to break the monotony and soak in the morning sun, you can always flick a switch to open the sunroof. The cool morning breeze will elevate your mood, whether it’s the routine drive to work or a long drive with your partner – KIA Seltos allows you to be one step closer to Mother Nature.

Makes Heads Turn

Passion can never fail to impress. Driving your way through the roads, it’s aesthetically crafted LED headlamps, and the heartbeat tail lamps will make head turns while leaving everyone to check out the badass appeal.

Moreover, Seltos’ crystal cut alloy wheels give the SUV just the right touch of classy masculinity.  As well as adding a little flamboyance to its appeal.

Bowls You Over, all the Way

While Seltos appeals to your heart, it will also impress you with its performance. Its electric power steering with tilting and the wide range of gearbox options and three types of engines (petrol, diesel and turbo petrol), will give you the liberty to drive just as your heart pleases. Moreover, with a 6-speed torque converter, you’re going to feel more in control of the car yet lost in passionate driving.  

Coming at Rs. 9,69,000, the KIA Seltos is a complete package of all things beautiful yet badass. The SUV offers a range of features that are sure to treat you with a touch of luxury every day. 

Insure this Beauty

The KIA Seltos is giving fierce competition to other SUV players, with the brand getting good demand in just a short time. As a proud and responsible owner of KIA Seltos, you should not only give your car the required care and maintenance but also a comprehensive car insurance cover. SUVs, especially, are expensive cars and thus need more care and maintenance. Having the right car insurance plan in place will ensure that in case of an unlikely event, you can receive financial support from the insurer. Car insurance policies usually cover third-party liability.  As well as personal cover along with offering add-on benefits like roadside assistance, key protect, zero depreciation insurance, and other such things.  

So, buy KIA Seltos and enjoy the thrill of driving. However, amidst all the excitement, do not forget to buy car insurance and secure your possession the right way.