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A Simple Guide to Buying CBD Oil Online

When it comes to researching CBD oil, finding reliable information is no easy task. Some say you should buy CBD oil on Amazon, while others say it’s better to buy from small online shops only. Others swear by name brands while more still say you shouldn’t overpay for the name. Should we purchase CBD Oil online?

Some companies selling CBD oil seek to put information out there simply for the purpose of selling, whether or not their claims are accurate. Others honestly strive to put out the most accurate information regarding CBD oil, but it’s not always easy to tell the difference. So, when you’re seeking to buy CBD oil online, you might be wondering where to start. 

To aid in your search, we’ve put together a simple guide to buying CBD oil online. We wanted to include the best information we have to help you choose the best CBD oil when shopping online. Here’s what you need to know. 

Identify Real CBD Oil 

Not all CBD oil sold online is as advertised. Some options contain no CBD, harmful chemicals, or the wrong ingredients. It’s important to be informed and do your due diligence to avoid purchasing the wrong product. 

The correct form of CBD oil will follow all legal standards for being sold online. This means that it will contain CBD oil, as advertised, and it won’t contain more than 0.3 percent THC. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that makes you high, and CBD products contain no THC or only trace amounts. Don’t purchase a product containing more. 

Beware of products labeled CBD oil that is only hemp oil in disguise. Some retailers will try to pass off hemp oil or hemp seed oil as CBD oil, even though this strain of the hemp plant does not contain any CBD at all. Hemp oil offers its benefits, but it lacks the endocannabinoid-boosting benefits that CBD offers. 

A little research into the company’s ingredients and credibility in question will help you identify real CBD oil compared with other products improperly labeled. 

Online reviews
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Check Out Online Reviews 

You can learn a lot about a CBD company based on what others are saying about them. This provides invaluable insights into whether or not your research will offer the quality CBD you seek. 

It’s important to look at the star rating. Anything above four stars is worth considering, and anything with ratings below that is probably not worth your time. Additionally, there’s a big difference between a 4.5-star rating with 900 views and a 5-star rating with just ten reviews. The one with 900 reviews is likely a better product as it has been tested over 900 times with a high approval rating. 

When reading online reviews, look for a few key indicators of the company’s responsibility and value. First and foremost, research product quality. Look for reviews from consumers who have been using a select CBD oil product for some time. They will have experience with the product in the long term and be able to recommend it or not. Those who just received it in the mail or who have only used it a few times may not have enough experience to offer you a valid review. 

Along with checking the quality of the product, check the quality of the company. How is their customer service? Was the product delivered in a timely manner? These indicators will tell you a lot about whether or not you want to give this company your business. 

Can You Trust the Website? 

Can You Trust the Website
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A CBD company’s website can also tell you a lot about the quality of the product. Although there are exceptions, usually a company that pours time and energy into creating a good website will also put energy into creating and delivering a good product. 

There are a few things to look for on a website including: 

  • Consistency in fonts and colors
  • A professional looking logo that matches the packaging on their products
  • Good site speed as you navigate from one page to the next
  • Good organization and easy navigation panes 
  • Social media integration
  • Working links 

You’ve been on plenty of good websites, so you know what makes a professional site. Click around and see what you think of the site before ordering your products. 

Most importantly, check out the security. If you’re going to do a money transaction on this website, you need to be sure that your information will be safe. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing out on a great product and losing money in the long run. 

Look for Third-Party Lab Results 

The third-party lab report is one of the essential parts of researching good online CBD oil. The FDA does not currently regulate the CBD industry, so it’s not a given that you’re getting a consistent, quality product every time you order.

The CBD industry relies on the help of third-party labs that will test their products for CBD content, potency, THC content, contaminants, toxins, and other specs. When the testing is complete, they’ll send the company a lab report that they can share with their consumers. 

Most reputable CBD companies publish their third-party lab reports on their website. However, some want you to request the lab reports for specific products. If they have no third-party lab report or refuse to share it with you, the products are probably not worth your time and could mean putting you at risk. 

Note the Delivery Method 

If it’s important to you to control who knows you use CBD, check how CBD is delivered to your door. A great company will usually use discreet packaging so that nosy neighbors don’t know about your CBD use. They’re more interested in the privacy of their consumers rather than marketing through shipping. 

Of course, there’s nothing illegal or wrong about using CBD oil, but companies understand that there’s a great deal of ignorance regarding the use of CBD. Not everyone realizes that CBD is separate from marijuana and legal. It’s always nice to keep that part of your life discreet so that you can share your secret to health and vitality whenever and with whomever you wish. 

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