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Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 9th February 2016

Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 9th February 2016

The episode begins with Madhav freeing himself from Maya’s clutch and runs in the jungle, but finds himself in front of Maya. Maya says it’s mayajaal, and he cannot escape. She looks into his eyes and says he soon will become icchadhari naag. He gets hypnotized again.

Manu seeks Madhav in entire jungle. She believes Madhav must have gone there and finds smoke coming from the nearby area. Mirror image on his face throws. He comes, looks at her and closes door. Did he close door she believes.

Takshika comes there with other naags and attacks her. Devi maa’s trishul is picked by Manu and kills all naags. Manu reminisces Takshika killing Badi Amma and stabs her with Trishul. Takshika expires.

Manu requests Madhav to come with her and reaches hut. Hynotized Madhav requests who’s she. She says she’s his wife. He says he warns her to return back before Maya comes back and will not have some woman. She resists. He strangulates her neck, and she requests her to recall who’s she’s.

Maya yells that she is not going to let her take Madhav with her. Manu stabs her. Maya bites them both, and they die. Devsena says she must locate Madhav and finish her love story and tells the story to the reincarnation of Manu.