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An Introduction of Campaign Monitor – Email Marketing

Campaign monitor is a very robust email marketing service used by businesses around the globe. There are various different email analytic features that will help you stay organized. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that Campaign Monitor has to offer its customers.

Email Open Rate

The email open rate is a feature that helps the user keep track of how many of your targeted traffic are actually opening and reading the marketing emails that you send out. This feature helps with knowing whether or not your emails are attractive to consumers.

Email Click Through Rate (CTR)

The click through rate is the amount of people that click on the links that are in the emails that you send to them. So if you get a lot of people clicking on the links in the emails this means that they are at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate feature lets the user know how many emails that were sent out were never received by the person that they were sent to. Generally when this happens it is due to temporary or permanent issues with that particular email address.


In email advertising, an unsubscribe button is generally present to allow users to unsubscribe from the automated email notifications that they are receiving. The unsubscribe feature offered by Campaign Monitor allows the user to know when people unsubscribe from their emailing list.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate feature allows for tracking of people who click on an email and complete an action on the web page that they are taken to. For instance, if someone clicks on the link and from there makes a purchase of goods that were advertised through the link.

Spam Reports

This feature allows the user to keep track of how many of their emails sent were marked as spam.

Sales and Revenue

You will be able to keep track of the sales made through people click on your email links.

Forwarded/Shared Rate

This feature lets you know whether or not your emails have been forwarded to others.

Engagement Over Time

You will receive an overall chart reading of the engagement of the emails that you have sent out over a certain period of time.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment is the amount of revenue that you have made during your email campaigning. This would be the total amount of revenue divided by the amount of revenue that was spent.

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