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Best Online Jobs to Work from Home

Many businesses worldwide have reduced their operations. Some entrepreneurs sent their staff on leave while others asked employees to work remotely. The number of work from home jobs has soared since 2005, according to a Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs report. The following are the seven best online jobs to work from home.

1. Call-Center Representative

Home call center
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Customer care representatives play a crucial role in businesses. They help and pick calls, process orders, and help customers. The rise in the number of online businesses has created many new job vacancies for customer service experts. You need particular software and a computer to work as a remote call-center representative. Experience in data entry, customer service, management, and retail sales might come in handy, especially when processing bulk orders.,, and are some popular sites with call-center job listings.

2. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists can work from homes, offices, or hospitals. You need an earpiece, desk, and a computer to transcribe medical dictation records. In May 2018, medical transcriptionists earned $34,770 on average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

3. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves referring clients to a company to earn a commission. For example, you can create an affiliate link for clients to click and buy an eBook on Amazon. You will receive a commission from any sale you make. Most affiliate marketers passively earn money without incurring start-up expenses.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
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Many businesses have active websites. Some entrepreneurs employ virtual assistants to handle administrative tasks. The International Virtual Assistants Association describes virtual assistants as workers who offer administrative, technical, and creative services to several clients from different industries. As a virtual assistant, you might have to compose and send email responses, distribute entrepreneurial documents, create content, and respond to business and media inquiries. Most virtual assistants earn $26,350 on average per year.

5. Translator

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that many translators who work remotely are under strict deadlines. You need to be fluent in at least two languages to be a professional translator. Hospitals, government, professional, private educational, technical, and scientific services employ more than half of all translators in America. The national median wage for translators in the United States in 2018 was $49,930.

6. Web Developer

Many people, especially the elderly, cannot build websites. Some tech gurus earn a living from web development. About 15 percent of developers are self-employed. You can build websites for clients for home if you have a fast internet connection and a computer. Some experienced web developers earn $124,480 per year. You can join an intensive coding boot camp to hone your programming skills.

7. Freelance Writer

Website owners need to frequently publish new and engaging content on their sites. Freelance writers create content and provide creative ideas that can improve the search ranking of websites. Some companies have in-house writers, while others contract freelance writers to craft content. You can earn over $120,000 a year if you have a solid portfolio.

Most work-at-home jobs weren’t popular several decades ago. Some of them required workers to buy advanced computer software. But now, you can start a business or work from home for an organization. Call-center representative, medical transcriptionist, affiliate marketer, virtual assistant, translator, freelance writer, and web developer are some of the well-paying online jobs.

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