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5 Things you should do to upgrade your juul device

If you are an adult and have a problem quitting cigarette smoking, it is high time you consider juul vaping. This is a device filled with an e-liquid made of pure oils with nicotine salts. There are healthy for consumption, minimises the need to smoke cigarettes and has an added style and class in doing so. Juul devices are taking over the market, this has been made possible by the advancement of technology. They have a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with different pod varieties. Juul devices have been made and crafted in such a way that they make smokers look cool and satisfy their needs and cravings at the same time. Below are some of the things you should do to upgrade your juul device:

  • Cover it with a wrapper. Juul devices are already stylish in their make, to add on to the look and style, installing a wrap of your choosing will do the trick. The wrap also acts as a protector to the device in case of falling and cracking, there will be minimal or no e-liquid leakage. The warps come in different varieties depending on the colour and the material used. The awesome juul wraps can be ordered online and be delivered to your doorstep with just a click of the button. They are long-lasting and stylish.

  • Proper storage. When storing a juul device, there is a simple procedure that you should follow to ensure that the device has a long shelf life. This is because poor and careless storage of the device can be dangerous to both you and your juul device. Before storage, ensure that the pod is empty and clean, and if it is a long time storage like a month, ensure that the battery is fully charged before storage.

    cleaning a electronic cigarette

  • Regular cleaning. This is a mandatory maintenance practise that ensures your device is in good condition and healthy for use. Cleaning the pod before refill and also wiping the terminals with a soft moist cloth will ensure that your device is always new and stylish and also healthy for use.

  • Proper battery care. This is another practise of upgrading your juul device. The juul device is connected to a tested lithium battery that is responsible for ignition of the juul device and senses the temperature rise during vaping. Proper care to the battery can be achieved charging the juul device to full charge each time before use. Do not store it for long without charge and also do not overcharge.

  • Checking your e-liquid refill. There are different types of refills available in the market today. They come with additional different flavours to improve quality. When looking for an e-liquid refill, ensure that you upgrade your taste, make it cool and of style. Choose an e-liquid of your favourite flavour and be open to change. You can test out other flavours each time before settling on one that you really like and enjoy.

Owning a juul device is already cool but customizing it and upgrading it to your taste makes it even cooler. The purpose of upgrading your juul device is to ensure that you maximise of the fun, you should therefore not limit your creativity and imagination.

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