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Birthday Wish Sms for a Lover Girl Gf

Birthday Wish Sms for a Lover Girl Gf

Birthday Wish Sms for Lover!!! Love is a CHOICE to do the HIGHEST GOOD for someone. It is in other words “the willingness to spend yourself for the well-being of another”. Such is the importance of Love in one’s life. But few knowingly or unknowingly just ruin this in the name of lust, greed, infatuation, etc. Loving someone is a greatest virtue but being loved by someone is just ultimate. If you are in this state of love for someone. Then hopefully on their birthday you would be more happy than them actually. You would gift them a splendid heart-touching present which would make them feel how special they are to you. Besides this, few would even share few happy birthday greetings. For this purpose, they would surf the web for birthday wish sms for a girl, birthday wish sms for lover, birthday wish sms gf etc.
If you are looking forward to share such happy birthday sms for your lover on this special day besides a special gift. Hope our post would please you. Feel free to use them as well as share them online with your friends and followers.

Birthday Wish Sms for Lover

birthday wish sms for lover
birthday wish sms for lover
  • Happy birthday my true love
    Ur beauty stems from up above
    Sweetest smile & kindest heart
    Like a priceless piece of precious art.
  • May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
    All the smiles a day can bring,
    All the blessings a life can unfold,
    May you have Gods best in everything.
    Wishing u a Happy Birthday
  • Its just another day,
    but this one is the best of the year!
    Happy Birthday my sweetheart.

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  • The day you were born was a lucky day for so many people. You enrich my life so much and I love you more than you might know!
  • I never really thought I’d meet someone like you. All of your days should be as special as your birthday. I want to do whatever I can to make that happen.
  • The heavens opened and sent you down for me. I will always remember the way my heart skipped several bits when I first saw you. Happy Birthday. You still light a fire in me in a way that makes me want to be the best person I can be.
  • This day is the best day of the year because on this day the love of my life was born. Happy Birthday! I love you!
  • I know I don’t always show it, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Let’s make your birthday the very special celebration it should be, and I’ll remind you of just how much you mean to me. I love you!
  • Happy Birthday to the one without whom my life is incomplete.
  • Closing the doors on the world so we can be together is where I find the most joy. Happy Birthday!
  • You are my soul mate, my partner and most trusted friend. I can’t imagine how my life would be without you. On your birthday, I want to remind you of all the reasons why I love you.
  • I love you, and I do not dare say I tried to hide it, but now it’s your birthday, so I hope you accept my heart as a gift.
  • This year may be full of surprises and your first one comes from me. Happy birthday love!
  • May every path you take be free of obstacles. May every corner bring pleasant surprises. May every door you enter bring good fortune. May this day be the happiest of birthdays for you.
  • I may not be able to give you the best gifts today, but my thoughts and wishes are with you on this special day.
  • Happy birthday to a special person, bringing so much joy to my heart! I cherish every moment that we spend together, dear, and I wish you never-ending happiness!
  • Happy birthday, my dearest! Thank you for bringing so much sunshine and happiness into my life. I love you so much and my feelings are getting stronger day by day.
  • I feel so grateful for everything that you bring into my life, dear. Happy b’day, may your day be joyful and magical!
  • May your spirit keep the freedom
    of a butterfly in spring,
    and may your heart be filled always
    with the joys of simple things.
    May your essence claim the freshness
    of the new laid morning dew.
    All of this… and more…
    is my Birthday wish for you
  • Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you,
    someone thinks about you,
    someone needs you;
    but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE”

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Birthday Wish Sms for a Girl

birthday wish sms for lover
birthday wish sms for lover
  • You are living your dream, and I am here to cheer you on. Happy Birthday to a champion.
  • Happy Birthday to my golden girl. It’s your world, and I’m here to support you always.
  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl ever! You deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Let’s celebrate this day of your life together.
  • Happy Birthday girlfriend, now let this party started and eat some cake.
  • To my wonderful girlfriend, I love you so much and I hope you have a great day.
  • I want to party with you all night to celebrate your day!
  • May your birthday be as beautiful as you are.
  • I wish I could be there on your special day to celebrate with you. I hope you have a great one!
  • I am just one of many people thinking about you on this day and I hope you truly have a wonderful day!
  • To the best girl in the world, I hope you have a great day and all your dreams come true!
  • I hope you day is incredibly exciting and filled with friends and fun!
  • May you get everything you wish for today! I know my wish is fulfilled just having you in my life!
  • Happy birthday, I hope you have the time of your life,
    May all your dreams come true
    And your sorrows just flow through!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl on the block, I hope all your dreams come true,
    even the ones that are really small, every wish is meant to come true, if you believe that it can!
  • Happy Birthday to you, girl! Wishing you a sweet celebration! Hope you have oceans of fun!
  • You always shine like the sun and spread joy and love to everyone around you. Never stop being yourself and have an amazing birthday!
  • Finding a friend is like looking for a four leaf clover. I am so lucky to a have a friend like you! Happy Birthday!
  • You are such a good person and you are also so beautiful. Today that is your birthday I wish you a very happy time along with all of your loved ones. Many congratulations.
  • I hope you have an amazing time today for your birthday. Have an unforgettable birthday.
  • The sweetest wish of health, happiness and success to a very special girl in my life. Your presence has brought so much joy in my life. Happy birthday!
  • In most cases, luck comes not in a form of possessing the most expensive things, but in having a friend that I can rely on in times of turmoil. I am truly blessed for having such a kind and beautiful girl friend! Happy birthday!
  • With each passing day, you bloom beautifully with grace and finesse. That is because you share your blessings of love with those around you! Wishing you an abundance of the best things in this world and the fulfilment of your heart’s desires. Happy birthday!
  • A special day for a special girl must have the best birthday celebration ever! Call your friends, drink to your heart’s content, and yes, today is your cheat day so eat as much cake as you want! Happy birthday!
  • The day we were blessed with a daughter is one of the most significant moments of our lives. Not only did she grow so beautifully in our eyes, she also is a great and kind girl as well. You are truly a blessing that God has bestowed upon us and those around you too. Happy birthday, our sweet girl!
  • May your heart be happy and warm
    May you have success and delight
    May you be unbreakable and strong
    May you always win in every fight.
    You can learn how to fly, even if it takes a while,
    Happy birthday to you and always wear your smile!

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Birthday Wish Sms Gf

birthday wish sms for lover
birthday wish sms for lover
  • Happy birthday my true love
    Ur beauty stems from up above
    Sweetest smile & kindest heart
    Like a priceless piece of precious art.Happy Birthday to My Cute & Sweet Girl Friend
  • You are the angel in my life. On this day, god sent you on earth so we could be together. Happy Birthday to the brightest star in my life!
  • It must be my birthday every day because you gift me with your presence every day. Thank you for being the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. Happy birthday
  • You are gorgeous, captivating, great, fabulous, fascinating… You rock! You roll! You are my babe, my squeeze, my lady… Oh yeah, happy birthday too!
  • I cherish you for a lot of things but this year I finally understood what I cherish about you the most. The fact that you re not at the lest, condescending, ironic or judgmental. Thank you for being your wonderful self honey and happy birthday.
  • Seeing you always brightens my day because you are so pretty, inside and out. Happy birthday to the girl who brings joy to my life!
  • Love Is When You Think About Someone
    Else More Than You Think About
    Yourself, Today I Almost Did That,
    Happy Birthday Dearest Dear May
    Happiness Be Yours Today And Always.
  • On Your Very Special Day, I Want
    You To Know That You Mean So
    Much To Me, No Words Could
    Ever Describe My Love For
    You. Very Happy Birthday To You My Girl!
  • Happy Birthday To The Most Lovable
    And Adorable Star in the Universe.
    May Your Birthday Bring You Good
    Luck To Last For The
    Whole Year. Happy Birthday To You!
  • You Are Rare Like A Diamond, Beautiful
    Like A Goddess And Pure Like An
    Angel. I Can’t Tell You How Blessed
    I Am To Have A girlfriend Wife Like You.
    Happy Birthday To You, Dear Wife..
  • Mountain rain or summer heat,
    Your friendship is the reason why i breathe,
    Tell me dear what is sweet?
    Is that U or Ur heart that beats!Happy BirthDay Dear!
  • Itz not important that this day is your birthday.
    Itz important that everyday is your day and
    you are MINE!

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