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BlackBerry: Company Announces ‘Vulnerability Patch Program’ for Upcoming Android Phone

BlackBerry: Company Announces ‘Vulnerability Patch Program’ for Upcoming Android Phone:

Google lately began releasing monthly security updates because of its Nexus variety of apparatus in addition to letting associate OEMs understand about any new discovered vulnerability in a security bulletin on a monthly basis.

Users will soon receive monthly security updates via over-the-air (OTA).

The firm taking additional measures may also release “hotfix” patching. David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer at BlackBerry described in a blog post, “Some essential Android susceptibility – for example, one that may be easily and remotely worked using a freely disclosed system to run “root” privileged malware – only can not wait for a monthly upgrade cycle. According to the seriousness of the difficulty, sophistication of the fix, and time relative to the monthly upgrade cycle, BlackBerry will choose to do a hotfix, where the code to deal with just the particular essential issue is pushed to customers. For hotfix patching, BlackBerry asserts it gets the power to patch all Priv forms.

The monthly security updates of its Nexus variety of apparatus of Google is a way the organization needs to cut the time down in rolling out to apparatus.

To recall, BlackBerry Priv Android slider smartphone continues to be up for preorders at $699 (about Rs. 45,500), and is slated to start shipping in the US beginning Friday.

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