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Buying headphones – in-ear, closed, headsets from Koss, Wesc and Skullcandy

Earphones have become more than just an accessory to enhance the experience of good music and film or aid to mobile. Nowadays, headphones are almost as much an accessory. When buying headphones there are many options to choose from.

Whether they are used for mobile or the MP3 player, they should be stylish, colorful, and preferably equipped with modernities such as noise reduction. 

In-ear shells, on-ear, and closed headphones

Perhaps the most popular headphones model is the “in-ear” model, which is like a pair of earbuds that you put in your ears. However, in-ear headphones can be very uncomfortable. If you have narrow ears and easily get hurt by the “In-ear” solution, “on-ear” headphones are a good alternative as they are hung behind the ears with a pair of bows. When buying headphones make sure you select ones that are comfortable.

The best model in terms of comfort is closed headphones. However, the classic slightly larger headphones that snap around the ear are often a bit clumsy.  Therefore, not suitable for use, for example, with the mobile phone or MP3 player. Wireless and enclosing headphones are often a very good option for home use for the stereo, the computer, or the TV. We prefer wireless headphones. Read an article about where to buy an excellent model from Sennheiser online.

The best wireless headphones for smartphones are clearly Jabra Rox, who has been the market leader for a long time. Very good price, additionally. Available at Kjell & Company.

Buy good and cheap headphones online

Finding the right headphones
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Keep in mind that you will get a lot more for the money if you spend a little more money on your headphones. There are lots of popular and good models in different price ranges from well-known brands such as Koss and Skullcandy and Sony with a medium budget. Since they are an online store, the prices are much lower than in the trade, but we would still not recommend that you buy a pair of headphones for less than 500 SEK, whether you have them to listen to audiobooks when you jog or listen to music on your mobile phone on the subway. It pays to add a little extra in terms of both comfort and sound. For example, a pair of enveloping headphones made of inferior materials can get much warmer around the ears that get sweaty.

Bose often wins “Best in Test” awards for headphones

If you want the best pair of headphones, Bose is often recommended. They make high-quality headphones with noise reduction, modern headsets for mobiles, and noisy little wonders for all types of applications! Bose has won lots of the best in test awards over the years. Bose is available on several different online stores.

Skullcandy Lowrider, Wesc, and Koss headphones

Other popular, trendy, and good headphone brands are Wesc and Koss. Both Wesc and Koss have many cheap models of, among other things, headsets for mobile in their range.

Skullcandy Lowrider

wireless headphones
Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash

Skullcandy is a very trendy brand that is known for its stylish design. The pink variants are top sellers! Perhaps the most attractive model of Skullcandy foldable headphones is called Lowrider, which is also compatible with iPhone and iPod. You will find different types of good headphones from Skullcandy, AKG, Wesc, and Koss at good prices at Cdon. Link to Cdon’s website

If you have tips on a pair of good headphones of a special type or a special manufacturer in addition to Koss, Bose, Wesc, and Skullcandy, you are welcome to leave your tips below. We also like links to different test pages. Buying headphones online provides you many different pricing options.

Featured Image by HOerwin56 from Pixabay