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Can the Golden State Warriors win the 2022-2023 NBA season?

Predicting an NBA season winner is a difficult task. You must consider many factors, from exchanges to new signings ending with injuries. After analyzing all the factors, you can understand whether the team will perform better or worse, depending on the expectations. Based on this analysis, one can bet on long-term events at the Parimatch bookmaker, which offers to try to determine the winner of the National Basketball Association.

This article will analyze the chances of last year’s champion Golden State Warriors to repeat their achievement in the 2022-2023 season.

Golden State Warriors 2022-2023 regular season

The team led by Steve Kerr will be looking to become NBA champions again this season after a spectacular run in the last playoffs. Before they can make it to the 2023 NBA Finals, they will need to do a tough job in the regular season. After hitting a 53-29 regular season record, the Warriors earned the third seed in the Western Conference last season. They will improve on that record and secure one of the top two spots in the West this season to get a weaker opponent in the first round of the playoffs. Before the regular season starts, bookmakers set the win bar for GSV at 52.5, offering to bet on the total over or under with odds of 1.95. Thus, betting enthusiasts may or may not believe that Steph Curry’s team will be able to improve last season’s record.

The main rivals of the Golden State Warriors this season

The Golden State Warriors are considered the third contender for the championship this season after the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. Stephen Curry is in the best shape of his career right now. While the Warriors have had to deal with some drama following a practice feud with Draymond Green and Jordan Poole, the team still has an amazing combination of talent and experience.

However, winning the Western Conference will not be easy for the Golden State Warriors as the Los Angeles Clippers are stronger than ever with Kawhi Lenard and Paul George back on the floor. A strong team with a lot of experience, the Clippers added former All-Star John Wall this offseason, and they are once again an elite defensive team. Let’s not forget the Finnis Suns, traditionally the leaders of the conference, and Devin Booker this year shows simply phenomenal results in scoring.

Odds for the NBA winner in the 2022-2023 season

Just look at bookmakers’ quotes to understand how great the chances are for Steve Kerr’s team. Milwaukee and Boston stand out against the background of others. The odds that these teams will be more successful than others this season is 6.50. They are followed by the “Golden State,” the victory of which the coefficient is 8.00. Close the top five contenders “Clippers” and “Phoenix” (coefficient 8.50).

We also note the Lakers, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia among the hidden contenders.

Will the Golden State Warriors win another championship this season?

In fairness, we note that in this regular season, Steve Kerr’s team does not demonstrate a championship game at the start of the tournament. It is difficult to find an answer to whether GSV will be able to get those 53 wins that the bookmakers were talking about before the start of the season. However, no one has any doubts that the team will be able to reach the playoffs with this lineup, and as you know, in the relegation matches, the Golden State leaders are transformed.

We believe this team is quite capable of repeating the achievement of the last gaming year, but Steph Curry and the company will still not be able to do this. Boston and Milwaukee look very powerful now. If the Celts and Stags can go through the season without injury, it will most likely be one of these teams that will get the championship.

Featured Image by Steve Tulevski from Pixabay