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Christian Birthday Wishes for Beloved Daughter From Dad

Christian Birthday Wishes for Beloved Daughter From Dad

Christian Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Dad!!! Dads have a special affection towards Daughters. They treat them as the Goddess. Ones they get married and leave the house, they could not cop up missing her. But as everyone of us know time finds solution for anything to everything under the sun. So, later they get used to it and carry on with their life.

When it’s the birthday of the daughter, they wouldn’t neglect wishing her at any cost despite being away from her. Hopefully for this purpose, they would surf the web for happy birthday wishes for daughter from dad, christian happy birthday wishes for a daughter, happy birthday wishes for beloved daughter etc

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If you too are looking forward for such happy birthday wishes to share for your daughter. Hope our post would please you. Feel free to use them as well as share them online with your friends and followers.

Christian Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Dad

  • Happy Birthday to my sweet Daughter. I thought I knew what love was all about until the day I first met you. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • For my Daughter on her Birthday … I’d capture the stars in the sky, the sun and moon for you, but they would only pale in comparison to your brilliance.
  • Happy Birthday to the child who stole my heart, and who has kept it all these years. Don’t worry about returning it; it’s happy where it is.
  • We love you our dear daughter to the moon and back. Happy birthday to you, our sweet little princess!
  • To our beloved daughter, you have always made us very proud and for that, we are forever grateful. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful flower on the planet, we love you endlessly.
  • You are the most wonderful and precious gift of our lifetime and we will be always grateful for that. Have a brilliant birthday, dear!
  • Happy birthday, our cute little angel, we love you to the moon and back!
  • Happy birthday to our beloved little daughter! You are the source of daily happiness to us, we are so grateful that you came into our life!
  • No words can tell how much I love you, baby! A happy life with many happy moments is all I wish for you, my girl!
  • All the riches of the world wouldn’t make me happier than your smile. Seeing you happy is all I want to make my day. Happy birthday, my angel!
  • Every day I am more and more proud of my life’s accomplishment: a smart, polite, beautiful and caring girl that everyone would love as a daughter. I wish you always remain like that no matter what life brings ahead of you. All the best for your birthday!
  • Nothing comes close to being as awesome as you are. Dad and Mom will always love you more than anything else in this world. Happy birthday.

Christian Birthday Wishes for Daughter

happy birthday wishes for daughter from dad
christian birthday wishes for daughter from dad
  • Hope your day is magical and sparkled with fun just like you! Happy Birthday PRINCESS!
  • A daughter is a forever friend, handpicked by God… and God has given to me a most beautiful gift. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
  • You are the most beautiful gift anyone has ever been gifted with. Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the whole wide world!
  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear! May the Holy Spirit send you the gifts of wisdom, maturity and understanding!
  • Happy Birthday to the one of the most special persons in my life! May God bless you with more success and glory in the years to come.
  • God always blesses genuine, humble and kind people like you. And today, you’re likely to get double the blessings since it’s your Birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true!
  • I’m glad you were born into this world, but I am even more glad that you have been born again into the Spirit. I am praying that God fills your life with His love on your birthday.
  • I am wishing you a birthday filled with the brightness of God’s love for us. Your life is important enough for him to sacrifice for you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Beloved Daughter

happy birthday wishes for daughter from dad
christian birthday wishes for daughter from dad
  • No matter how old you are, for us, you will always be our little angel. Have a brilliant birthday dear one!
  • You are certainly the most beautiful gift that we have received in our lifetime. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful daughter in the whole world!
  • Happy birthday to you, our little angel! Our wish is for you to love life and to never cease dreaming. May you always be surrounded with beauty and happiness!
  • Dear daughter, may you always stay happy and healthy… That way, you can still take care of us when we become old. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to our dearest daughter! We wish you happiness and may you be blessed with all the great things that you truly deserve!
  • This day is very important for us and to everyone who knows you, our dear daughter! You are such an amazing person and on your birthday, we wish you all the best things in life.
  • Life is funny but a man doesn’t cry at funerals and a man doesn’t cry at all but today I did because of the love I have for my daughter. Happy birthday my little doll!
  • I would like to say Happy Birthday to my sweetest daughter. She has spirit for days and is truly different. I am very proud of her for understanding herself and being the best she can be.
  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! I remember the day you were born, when the doctor handed me this little doll with the big beautiful eyes. It was a great moment in my life. I love you very much.
  • Congratulations and best wishes to my beautiful youngest daughter whose birthday is today. May you always be as happy as you are right now!

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