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College and Career Counseling: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re picking the right university to pursue your dream job or trying to find your path in the corporate world toward that job, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s where counseling services may be able to help you determine the next step and further steps without feeling like the burden falls entirely on you. Whether you’re a high school student or new to the workforce, here are some benefits that you can reap from online counseling.

Personalized Guidance

When choosing a counselor, you’ll be working with someone seeking to create a personal connection with you to determine the best steps forward for you. After all, students or prospective workers shouldn’t be viewed as one-size-fits-all clients. Personalized online college counseling has been shown to triple students’ chances of getting into their top-choice colleges and universities. Starting with a no-cost consultation, counselors seek to answer questions prospective students and their family members may have about the application process.

In addition, high school students will have their personal goals assessed to ensure that the school they choose has the best interest of their future in mind. Beyond school counseling, services within a prospective university will be able to provide insights into what you might expect in the job market. However, professional third-party services can help a senior college student understand how to stand out in an interview or how their resume can stand out in a stack of applicants for one position.

Making the Right Moves

Making the right moves
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When exploring college counseling services, an applicant may be torn between a few schools. For some, it can be tough to differentiate between so-called safety schools, where they anticipate their application to be accepted and dream schools that may not be as much of a lock. A college counselor takes the time to hold your and your family’s hands through the application process to understand what may stand out for those dream schools. If the issue goes beyond college admissions into affordability, counseling services can direct you to ways of learning to cover the expenses of that sought-after education.

If you’re looking into career counseling, you might be uncertain about the right steps to get closer to your dream job. This will help you weigh offers you may have following an internship, learning where you may be able to build within one company or a job that could act as a stepping stone. Some students feel lost upon graduation, especially if they still have doubts about a career in their major. An online college counselor or career counselor can offer some assurances as to the right steps based on your transcript and history within the field if you’ve already branched into part-time work.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind
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When exploring the opportunities out in the job market or choosing a school, you may feel like you’re missing out on something. Career counseling programs make you aware of any leads brought to a counselor’s attention by a business staff member. This gives a counselor greater insight into what that company is looking for when they read a potential employee’s resume. It will also make online counselors aware of any distinct degrees needed to qualify for the job.

You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you are being taken care of to get into a program that meets your desires for incoming college students. From an official transcript to getting applications in order, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles that may be stressing you out to pursue the degree you need to get the job you want. Counseling services can make sure that you can better visualize that goal and achieve it.