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Coronavirus on the Connectivity and Tech Industry

How Coronavirus Will Affect the Connectivity and Tech Industry In 2020?

What kind of impact will there be on the connectivity and tech industry from the Coronavirus pandemic? World Health Organization (WHO) announced Coronavirus as the global pandemic. This information shook the whole world. Most of the activities in the world have paused.  

SARS virus is highly communicable. We do not have a vaccine against this virus. It is an RNA virus, so scientists need extra time to find the vaccine. Till then, with no option left, different countries decided to go for lockdown. 

As a matter of fact, this pandemic has affected most of the countries. Developing countries are the worst affected. 

The world economy depends on the transaction between developed and developing countries. 

This impacted human beings as well as the economy. The virus took the lives of billions of people worldwide. 

This disbalance is going to affect demand and supply chain. All the sectors have stopped functioning due to coronavirus. 

Some of them are education, the connectivity and tech industry, aviation, transportation, real estate, retailing, trading, agriculture are the worst-hit sectors.

Here we will be discussing the connectivity and tech industry. COVID-19 has affected this industry, causing a huge loss, but it has a positive impact. The following are some of the positive and negative impacts of COVID-19. 

Positive Effects Of COVID-19 on the Connectivity And Tech Industry In 2020

  • New Apps Are Launched
  • Online Engagement Promoted
  • Internet Traffic

New Apps Are Launched

New apps
Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

This period has significantly increased the demand for apps for a mobile app development company. To connect, entertain, and learn, we have only one option that is mobile apps.  

As we can see, Zoom, Google meets is in huge demand these days due to its connectivity features. People are looking forward to apps for completing most of the tasks. 

Healthcare apps are the only way to keep one fit in this lockdown. COVID-19 has increased the demand for AR apps as well. We can do most of our work without physical contact.

Online Engagement Promoted

The world is under lockdown. No movement is permitted outside the house. We do not have any option other than the online methods. 

Most of the sectors have shifted to online mode. Classes are being conducted online. People are vigorously using social media. 

Online gamers are busy with gaming. People are spending hours on the internet by streaming online videos. 

The Government is using Drone for invigilating quarantined and people affected with COVID-19.

Internet Traffic

Google WiFi system

We are spending a good amount of time on the internet. Be it for entertainment or work; we keep surfing. 

The demand for data is increasing exponentially. The Economy has cutdown causing unemployment, so people are moving towards online jobs. 

The number of individuals tending to have a grip on online platforms is increasing. We can see an increased number of YouTubers, bloggers, freelancers.  

This all is having a good impact on internet traffic. Lockdown due to Coronavirus has benefitted the communication sector. 

An increase in the use of data has directly impacted the frequency of demand for data recharge. The Need for good connectivity has increased.  

Negative Effect of COVID-19 on the Tech And Communication Industry

  • Disruption Of Global Supply Chain
  • Cancellation Of Events
  • Economic breakdown 
  • Market Suppressed

Disruption Of Global Supply Chain

The Global supply chain means for the exchange of products or services globally to reduce the cost and maximize the profit. 

As the aviation and transportation sector is blocked worldwide, so there is no exchange of products between counties. 

China is the major exporter of tech products. It is going to be about seven months of halt. This has severely affected the industry. 

In addition to this is the tension growing between the USA and China. This is impacting Indian Export and import supply as well. 

The USA and Europe contribute to two-third of Indian exports. With this blockage, we are bearing severe losses. COVID-19 is eating up the ease of the supply chain.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Cancellation of Events

Due to Coronavirus, most of the giant companies such as Soni, LG, Nokia, Samsung, have canceled its events. Some of them are given below.

  • Google canceled its conference. In that conference, Google had to announce its new products.
  • The Mobile world congress 2020 was the first event to be called off due to the ongoing global pandemic. 
  • The Game developer conference got canceled.
  • Most smartphone launching companies delayed their new product. 
  • Online streaming is preferred for new phones in companies like Xiaomi, Realme. 
  • Among all the tech companies, Huawei decided to launch its new product.  
  • Facebook annual F8 event, which was scheduled to be held in California.
  • Apple WWC even got called off. Online conferences are held, but it became tough for industries to finalize the deals in an online conference. This pandemic has even shaken the participation and contribution of different companies. Deals that were finalized will be renegotiated due to financial losses.

Economic breakdown 

The Economy is severely affected due to COVID-19. It will take years for the country to get back on track. 

Tech may not be the priority for investment. Due to the financial crisis, many companies have started to fire their employees.  

Companies will try to renegotiate the finalized deals. People may tend to buy necessary low-cost products in the market.

Market Suppressed

Market Suppressed
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

This industry took a heavy hit due to the collapse of the market. Imports and exports are completely at a halt during this period. 

China manufactures most of its products. Wuhan is known as the Optical valley. It is going to be about seven months with no exchange of products. The Indian IT sector is affected as well due to Coronavirus. 

India is mostly dependent on the US and Europe. These two countries are most affected, leading to the loss of the Indian economy as well. 

It is estimated around the loss of $180 billion. You can guess the impact on this sector! It is affecting demand as well as the supply of this industry.


As we can see, CORONAVIRUS has affected the connectivity and tech industry deeply. From production to supply to marketing, all steps are impacted due to this global pandemic. An organic export and import relation between countries have come to a halt. 

We do not have any other option in this situation but to wait for this disease to eradicate. We should wish to get vaccines for this disease as soon as possible. 

Technology is finding ways to ease the problems. Till then, we have to act as a unit and be together in this period of loss. 

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