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Dalma Daniela – Defying The Status Quo of Her Hometown

The entertainment world is fluid, from launching make-up lines or clothing brands to partnering with philanthropic organizations. Talent sometimes has a reach beyond just one area of entertainment. Many people in the entertainment industry do not limit their talents to just one area. Over the years, many people with talent have leaped from acting to singing to hosting. Generally, the results are pretty spectacular. Many aspiring people with different talents want to express themselves with a mic or a guitar, host a show, or showcase their acting skills on the big screen. However, some talented individuals either made a start in a different area and straddled more than just one artistic world and did so successfully. The latest example in this regard is the Colombian-born Dalma Daniela.


The potential for audience division is the added complication of being an artist who dabbles in other artistic fields. Most audiences have prejudices against musicians attempting to branch out from their music or are willing to give them a chance. Born in the busy cosmopolitan city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia called Barranquilla, Dalma Daniela is an actress, singer, host, digital marketing strategist, and marketer whose career has evolved in many ways than one. Before reaching the point of her career where she stands today, Daniela has covered a long journey of effort to dedicate herself to what she always wished to do.
Daniela studied communication and media studies at Universidad Autónoma del Caribe but left out after the second semester. She received the educational equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2022.
Growing up in a Spanish-speaking country like Colombia, Daniela decided to learn English by herself by watching television and listening to music when she was only 12. Three years later, when she turned 15, to support her career as an artist, Daniela began working as an English teacher and translator once she had a good command of English. She pursued her career as a teacher and a translator for ten years until she created “Acustico Barranquilla” in 2013. An acoustic rock event that later became “Entre Notas y Arte,” a cultural showcase funded by the Museum of Modern Art Barranquilla.

Film Making

Dalma Daniela aspired to be an actor after seeing movies and observing how they drew everyone silently together in one place by completely capturing their attention. Daniela has appeared in Colombian TV series and Telenovelas, including Love Motel and Contacto online. She is also slated to star in the forthcoming 2023 indie films “The Sovereign.” and “Lime & Vinegar.”
Offering people access to data usually leaves them feeling overwhelmed and detached rather than empowered and ready to act. Art may impact this as it does not tell people what to do but may link the senses, body, and intellect. It can make the environment feel, and this felt feeling may prompt thought, involvement, and even action. Daniela immersed herself in the ideology of making a difference through the power of art.


As Daniela turned 21, she embarked on a journey as an acoustic rock singer after studying acting for two years. On her way to becoming a singer in the least rocky place on earth, she defied the status quo of her hometown breaking norms and building strong cultural venues for audiences, local artists, and the LGBTQ+ community.
Her debut original song, “Rain of Love,” was a collaboration with KRL, one of Colombia’s most-streamed DJs. Her 2019 single, ‘Regálame un Like,’ had over a million views on YouTube just a few months after its release. She has been in Colombian TV shows and telenovelas such as Telecaribe’s ‘Love Motel’ and “Contacto Online” as an actress and singer. As of 2023, she has over 35,000 followers on Instagram and operates a personal brand.


After covering a long journey, where Daniela explored different areas entertainment industry and as an entrepreneur, her efforts paid off when in 2022, LA Weekly named her one of the “Top Female Entrepreneurs to Track in 2022.” The same year, Daniela was named one of the “Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow” by NY Weekly. Daniela has received training in creative leadership, filmmaking, self-expression, and honesty. As of 2023, Daniela works for iVisa as a social media strategist and YouTube personality.