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Did You Know These Surprising Facts About CBD Pre Rolls?

Keeping up with healthcare trends will likely lend you to read about CBD one way or another. Cannabidiol has been the talk of the town for a few years and will continue so with its advancements in forms, benefits, and treatments. Even Forbes’ official site sees an increase in the market for it by 2024. If you’ve been here since day one, you might think you’ve read it all, but there are some surprising facts about CBD that you may not have heard of.  

The Cannabidiol trend has been set, and we need only to use and see for ourselves if what they write on the internet is true or not. Here are some surprising facts about CBD that you might not have heard about yet.

Fact #1: CBD Was Used Way Back In Ancient China

Involvement with this substance was dated way back in time. An excavation in Central Asia discovered by archeologists changed this belief’s foundation. According to this site, Ancient Greeks used the plant for several practical uses. Egyptians made the first topical Cannabidiol. But those in Central Asia had been using this to smoke during funerals before the others.

The team specifically found traces of Cannabidiol inside incense burners. This was a surprising discovery. The compound found in cannabis was written to only be used as an oil-seed and fibrous crop during 4000 B.C. This has been recorded as one of the pieces of evidence of smoking cannabis during ancient times.

Fact #2: It Improves Brain Function

Dare we say this product will have memory enhancers a run for its money? Cannabidiol enters the body via inhalation (the method with the fastest onset of action by far) and stimulates receptors both CB1 and CB2. CB1 is in charge of the brain, and by stimulation, it causes a variety of therapeutic effects.

One of these is the reduction of blood flow in certain areas of the brain, particularly the areas that host anxiety attacks. Another effect is its interaction with serotonin receptors. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that manages mood and executive functions and, via inhaling, will give the user clarity of mind, memory, and critical thinking. You will want to purchase more joint products that are 100% genuine CBD as only quality Cannabidiol can bring about these effects.

Fact #3: This Product Helps With Addiction Recovery

To some, this might sound pretty ironic. A cannabis-derived product, helping people out of their addiction? Yes, you read it right. Cannabidiol is a helper of someone with either dependence or addiction.

A study was conducted of 42 individuals that have been in treatment and abstained from heroin. They were divided into several groups.  One of group was given CBD before being exposed to videos with heroin-related images and scenes. The experiment’s conclusion brought success to Cannabidiol, as those who took it reacted less than those given placebo. Not only that, but the therapeutic and treatment effects lasted a week after it was administered.

Other than that, it also shows promising signs with smoking cessation. Smoking CBD won’t harm the lungs, unlike taking in nicotine, and has been studied and seen to have reduced withdrawal symptoms greatly. Little is known of the fact if it helps in cleaning out nicotine in the body or not.

CBD helps sleeping
Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Fact #4: It Helps You Sleep Better

With its anti-anxiety effects and muscle-relaxing effects, it’s no wonder Cannabidiol is a sleeping pill with fewer risks and adverse effects. No legitimate studies have been conducted to show this to have caused life-threatening danger upon using it.

The ECS’ receptors are stimulated by phytocannabinoids from CBD. It affects things such as moods, appetite, perception of pain, and the circadian rhythm. 

These neurotransmitters then interact with the sleep receptors, which causes our bodies to slow down and become drowsy. Health Europa has an informative site relating to sleep and Cannabidiol. It goes more in detail about how sleep is affected by Cannabidiol. It also helps those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) get a long and undisturbed rest. One only needs to light up a roll, inhale, and observe the immediate effect on the body.

Exploring CBD & Its Importance

Given that Cannabidiol has not hit the shelves as a traditional treatment yet, it still does not cancel out any studies’ achievements over the years. Professional help is still suggested, but when things don’t seem to work, it’s time to look for alternatives. 

And what better alternative would there be than an organic, studied, and testified CBD product? These are some pretty surprising facts about CBD.

Featured Image by Alissa De Leva from Pixabay