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Divorce Support Groups: 5 Best Online Groups

Why does our culture not have a way of amicably settling divorces without subjecting our children to emotional anguish or sparking a fuss over who gets what in the divorce settlement? This is a problem for our community as a whole how someone who has recently been through a divorce may go on with their life without having their extended family let them down. A big life change that has the potential to influence all facets of a person’s existence is Divorce; even if it’s online Divorce in California — it still hurts. Divorcing your spouse does not automatically label you as a failure. Lets explore how to find the Online Divorce Support Groups to help you during this emotional time. 


Establishing support groups for those who are going through difficult times in their personal lives has been widely recognized in Western countries for a long time. Participating in support groups may benefit patients with terminal conditions, alcoholics, drug addicts, those who have just been divorced or lost a loved one, people in toxic, codependent relationships, and many more. It is becoming more common rather than unusual for people to look for assistance after being overwhelmed by a challenging circumstance. 

It might be beneficial to review what transpired in the past at this juncture. It is important to talk about negative feelings with others so they don’t build up inside you and make the situation even more difficult. A support group is an excellent environment in which to work through the feelings that you are experiencing. This will enable you to let go of the burden preventing you from reaching the top of the mountain.


No matter how long the marriage lasted or how the couple came to decide to end it, was it a cheating husband or a bad household — going through a divorce is always an upsetting and stressful affair. Within the first few years of their marriage, it is normal for couples to abandon all of their once-held ideals and interests completely. Work, hobbies, sports, socializing, spending time alone with a cup of coffee, reading, and studying on one’s own are all examples of activities that people participate in. Everything was given up in exchange for finally planting some roots. A “failure” also encompasses the loss of one’s internal support, such as a solid understanding of one’s personality, needs, and boundaries, as well as one’s sense of self-confidence, attractiveness, and motivation to put one’s strengths and skills to use in one’s growth. 

A “failure” can be defined as the inability to meet one’s own needs or expectations. They haven’t “surfaced” to the surface of life in such a long period that they cannot react quickly when put under duress. When a person is confronted with their suffering, they often feel helpless and confused. The increasing emotions of despair might result from an overpowering sense of isolation. I keep telling myself that I don’t have the strength to deal with this situation. 

In difficult times like these, it is critical to have the love and support of one’s family and friends by one’s side. It is necessary to be in close proximity to someone. But what good would come of doing that? 

A feeling that “I’m not alone,” in other words. To put it another way, you are equipped with a support system. Someone is looking at me, but I can’t see their behind. They are paying attention to me. The voice of the confused and disoriented child inside us cries out in unison for the opportunity to participate and the company of a responsible adult. When everything that surrounds you is falling apart, a divorce support forum is something everyone needs.

Online Divorce Support Groups
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We looked at existing programs that serve different groups and compared online support services to find out which ones we should suggest to people going through a divorce.

  1. Circles Up

With CirclesUp, you may choose a close-knit support group that meets your requirements online. CirclesUp uses qualified mental health counselors to lead and guide each group, unlike other support groups conducted by coaches or peers. The weekly gatherings take the form of weekly video chats. Each group comprises only six or seven members, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere and allowing everyone a voice. 

2. Reddit

Of course, we couldn’t forget about this one. What is your understanding of Reddit? In a nutshell, it is a global network of discussion boards in which users are allowed to write articles and react to the debates of other members. Reddit is home to more than one million unique communities known as “subreddits,” each centered on a certain topic of interest. The letter prefix “/r/” is used to identify a particular subreddit (like, search « r/Divorce» — and voila, you have hundreds of support groups for Divorce!). 

Any registered Reddit user can start a new subreddit as long as they follow the site’s rules. A group of volunteer moderators runs each subreddit. These moderators decide how the community looks and what rules members must follow. They also decide who can be banned or limited from posting. “Admin” refers to people who work for Reddit and have a lot of power over the site, such as the ability to take away moderators’ access and delete whole subreddits.

3. DailyStrength

More than 43 million individuals worldwide use the social network DailyStrength, which focuses on health care and assisting one another. 

Sharecare offers a program known as DailyStrength to bring together individuals going through similar experiences online so that they may talk about their experiences, encourage one another, and give support and encouragement. There are a number of groups on the internet that are devoted to dealing with a variety of illnesses and problems. Since its inception in 2007, DailyStrength has been instrumental in forming more than five hundred distinct support groups throughout the globe. On health blogs, in comments from professionals, in therapies, and a worldwide network of laypeople, one may get advice on a wide range of topics, including how to decouple anxiety, Divorce, parenting, and many forms of sickness.

4. Woman’s Divorce

Women’s Divorce is an online hub for women suffering from marriage ends, including articles, guidance, free e-books, and a list of professionals who may help. In the wake of Divorce, the business aimed to provide women a sense of community and self-sufficiency by providing them with a wide range of products and services. How to handle child custody and co-parenting, as well as re-entering the dating scene after a divorce, are all covered in depth on the website. 

Cases of spousal violence and issues with visiting children are only two examples of the major issues that a female divorce might reveal.

5. Men’s Divorce

For the benefit of men going through a divorce, a law firm created Male Divorce, online divorce support groups featuring essays, videos, and other information. Most of the content is presented in a legal context, including guidance on acting in court, negotiating child custody, and dividing marital debt. While competent legal representation is essential during a divorce, the over 10,000 men and women who make up Men’s Divorce also provide a supportive network. 

Some of the topics covered include spousal support, financial arrangements, and moving on with your life after Divorce. Online communities like message boards and forums are highly active, with some seeing regular changes. When one of their own goes through a divorce, the other group members are ready to step in and help out.