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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Free Effective Software for Recovering Deleted Files

EaseUS data is a free data recovery software that is powerful and effective; compatible with Windows and Mac, the software enables you to recover files that have been lost, accidently deleted, damaged, had virus attacks and any other reason where files have disappeared or have been corrupted. The free version of this file recovery software offers 2GB of data to recover for no cost at all and your files are returned to you safely and intact. The file recovery software can recover many different types of files such as documents, media files, video and many more types. With over 72,000,000 + customers satisfied, EaseUS data is one of the most effective software’s for file data recovery.


EaseUS has many features to it that run smoothly and ensure the best outcome possible for recovering all kinds of files. There are two different modes that are used to scan, quick and deep. Both of these produce various results. The quick scan will essentially search for files and folders that have been deleted from the recycle bin through a standard algorithm to speed up the scanning process if the files are need urgently.

The deep scan will scan the actual hard drive and storage in each part to generate the best results with a decent time frame. This scan is useful if there are a lot of files are required to be recovered, rather than a minority of them. When the search is complete, you will be able to preview each file to check it’s the right on and then save to your device securely. It is best to narrow the search down to specific files that you are wanting to recover.

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Types of Recovery Searches

There are various types of recovery searches that can be made with this free data recovery software. The main search is for files that have been wrongly deleted and need to be recovered. The search can be quick or deep depending on how many files you want to recover and from how far back the files were deleted, as this may take longer to locate. Sometimes the files are deleted because of a virus that has attacked the system however there are different causes for deletion in some cases. There is a specific recovery for the virus attack that will search the hard drive to recover your data securely and in a speedy manner.

Formatted recovery is a search that will search your hard drive for data that has been lost or misplaced during and after a device format. The search is fairly straightforward and efficient. Similar to the accidently deleted files recovery, the recycle bin data recovery is a specific search that will narrow results to files that have been deleted and the data of when deleted can be selected to refine results.

The lost partition drive recovery is similar to the formatted recovery and will have your data kept within the system even if a partition is missing or corrupted, and will be able to recover most data. Hard drive damage recovery will allow for a search to recover data that has been lost or corrupted on the hard drive and be able to access the files quickly. The OS crash recovery will find files that have been lost during windows crashes and bugs; the software will provide a bootable media that can be downloaded and used on windows to restart the computer and recover the data. The last type is the RAW partition recovery that will enable you to regain access to data that has been stored once before on your hard drive but has been corrupted or deleted. The recovery software will find this and recover.

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