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EduBirdie Launches an Essay Writing Course

If you are a modern student, you might have heard of a company called EduBirdie. As an academic service, they decided to take things even further. Launching an interesting essay writing course, the company genuinely wishes to help modern learners overcome the stress and fear of starting an assignment. The best news is that this course is free, and we can take a closer look at what’s being offered. So, without further ado! 

Course Structure and Benefits 

The course focuses on the best ways to format your essay even before you start writing. You will also learn how to brainstorm a topic that will impress your college professor and learn more about writing and revising your paper. The best part is that you can master the art of proofreading and editing. It is all achieved with the help of the detailed structure that is provided with the help of the famous Thinkific platform. It’s a great creative tool for educators and online course authors, which is another great benefit that must be considered for those who have already considered online education. 

EduBirdie course includes an introduction video and five chapters that will provide you with great video lessons and quizzes that will ensure you have already learned the most important aspects. Let’s review these step by step to help you write a perfect essay and never fear failing again. The introduction part will already tell you about what is to come, so you can allocate your time and resources before starting with the first chapter. 

1. How to Format Your Essay. 

It will help you to learn more about how to format your essay when you are told about layout, indents, what fonts to choose, how to create the most popular headers, and where to place this or that formatting part. There is also a Do’s and Dont’s list that will help you before passing the quiz. It offers a great narration style that will make things easy to understand. You will also see the most common formatting mistakes that should be avoided. These days, it is a rare find as they usually teach you what you must do! 

2. How to Brainstorm The Best Essay Topic. 

This part of the course will show you how to brainstorm ideas for your essay or research paper. It is not often seen in the educational courses we have explored. It is an interesting aspect of learning that actually helps you to see why you should evaluate things before you start. As we have learned, you will feel stuck and challenged by the typical writer’s block when you come with nothing. When you come prepared, you will already know how to start! 

3. Researching Your Essay Topic. 

Researching your essay topic is what you have to do both before you start and when you are already dealing with the actual paper. Our team of experts liked the structure of this part the most. They start with what they call a “gathering the guts of the essay,” where they tell you about what must be used in an average research paper. The next part tells you about the most popular options that must be used to find information. It tells you about databases, Google Scholar, and other helpful resources. Once this part is mastered, one can proceed with tips and tricks that help to make good research perfect. As always, there is a quiz at the end to guarantee that you understood the materials correctly! 

4. Writing and Revising Your Essay. 

This part of the course is quite important as you will learn how to write more easily without pressure or forcing yourself to write. The instructions are clear and actually show you which methods to use. Speaking of the best ways to revise your essay, they provide revision recommendations that help you to save time and understand your college professor. The psychology aspect of this course is second to none!  

5. Essay Editing and Proofreading. 

Editing and proofreading
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The final chapter deals with editing and proofreading. At last, there is a course video instruction that explains why it is vital to start with editing and only then proofread things! The editing methods are accessible enough even for those who belong to high school students or have only started with their college writing tasks. After you pass the quiz, there is a final checklist to ensure you do not miss all the important aspects of writing a perfect essay. The structure surely gets five stars from our team! 

What Do We Get by Completing This Course? 

By completing the EduBirdie course, you will overcome the fear and apprehension of getting low grades. It’s one of the most enjoyable and accessible courses where the language is plain. Unlike many similar alternatives, you are not getting too deep into the essay types or specifics of APA or MLA formatting when you don’t know how to check things in the first place. What you get here is learning how to prepare for any assignment, making it suitable for students from all possible disciplines. Because we are dealing with a team who has made EduBirdie service possible, you will learn from those who truly know how to deliver an excellent assignment! 

If you have tried some online courses and found them too complex as you could not follow or understand much, you will be surprised to learn that you can learn easily simply by watching the EduBirdie videos. Summing things up, our team has been surprised to see the essay writing course that works and remains accessible and fun. 

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